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Are you a fan of that foul-mouthed little green guy, Leprechaun? If so, you are going to love Gnome Alone. Leprechaun has been replaced by an even raunchier, funnier little guy, the Gnome.

Gnome Alone was written by Lauren De Normandie (Throwdown) and directed by Timothy Woodward (Butchered). The film stars Kerry Knuppe (1982), Bill Oberst Jr. (Scary or Die) and Verne Troyer (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me) as the Gnome.

Every once in a while, I stumble upon a B-movie gold mine at the local video store (yes, we still have those in Ohio). While wondering around one Friday, the unique cover of Gnome Alone popped out at me. The plot line alone was enough to persuade me to purchase it, but realizing that Mini-Me was playing the Gnome, I had to see it right away.

The beginning of the film is a little bizarre. At first, it appears as though the film is going to have a bit more of a serious tone than I had thought, like a storybook, Grimm Fairy Tales kind of vibe. That quickly changed, in about the first 5 minutes when Verne Troyer makes his first appearance.

Verne Troyer in Gnome Alone
Verne Troyer in Gnome Alone

For me personally, the makeup and effects of a film are just as important as the screenplay and the script. I loved the makeup work done on Troyer, he was almost unrecognizable. The fact that they took a more grotesque route with the look instead of the stereotypical rosey cheeks and beard look, earns even more points for the film. If I had to imagine what a vengeful gnome would look like, this would be it.

Much like Leprechaun, before he killed someone, he had a witty comment to make. The kills were unique and literal, he killed based on the wishes of another person, and each kill was a dramatic version of said person's wish.

I'm not sure if I would classify Gnome Alone as a horror movie, dark comedy or both. I don't think I stopped laughing during the entire duration of the film. This film is like the Super Troopers of horror.

Much like every other B-movie, there is a lot of nudity and sexual situations. As previously mentioned, this is quite a raunchy film.

Mental illness is touched upon as well. A lot of questions are raised, and it is open to interpretation, especially at the end. Is there really a gnome or is the title character with a history of psychotic episodes, an abusive step-father and insanity in the family the one responsible for the murders? This question is never really answered, and other people see him, so it really is up to you to determine an answer.

Overall, I loved the level of comedy, the raunchiness, the effects, the makeup, the plot twists and well, pretty much everything about the film. I promise you will be hooked from the minute you see the trailer, you can watch it below and see for yourself.

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