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Deadpool (2016) movie star Ryan Reynolds just tweeted a cool update about the much anticipated flick. His blood in the movie will apparently be "Green" in color. And the recent synopsis of the movie clearly reveals that [Deadpool](movie:38663) (2016) will be an origin story. This means Wade Wislon's blood will be red before the Weapon X program and after the treatment is over, his blood becomes green.

This change clearly gives an idea about how much the writers are trying to make a really comical film that doesn't take itself too seriously. We love Deadpool for his commonsense and how he differs from other superheros in that. It would be totally cool to watch him give a comment about this color change in the movie and set the audience roaring. I am really starting to hope that this is the movie we all wanted!

The movie also stars Gina Carano as Angel Dust, Morenna Baccarin as Copy Cat and T J Miller as Weasel. Appearance is Colossus after a recast is confirmed while the appearance Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine is now confirmed false after he tweeted that he'd play the character for one last time in Wolverine 3.

Deadpool is slated to release on theaters on February 26,2016.

The Tweet By Ryan Reynolds!
The Tweet By Ryan Reynolds!

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