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Dying Light's Techland team are ready to reveal to the world their next 'Big Project!

Just months after Techland's zombie pandemic, Dying Light took hold of many of our gaming machines, Techland are now ready to reveal the details of their next big project.

This next title will build upon some of best features of Dying Light, such as the day and night cycle a vast array of weaponry and flat out action. Techland claim to have redefined the shooter genre with their latest project.

Dying light
Dying light

A secret division was created within the Techland team that even some of the Tech bosses were unaware of. They were simply tasked with just one objective, to create the world's next big shooter title.

The game is a top-secret project developed by a special team of Techland’s best. Even internally, few knew of its existence along with the release of the game, which will go live on April 2nd.

Stunned silence.. Is this for real or another awesome prank from the ever so devious Techland team? This IOS game is apparently set for release April 2nd.

If you were expecting to see another Dying Light or Dead Island title then I am afraid that you are going to have to wait a little longer to see what this 'dead good' team have up their sleeve.

What do you make of Techlands next big project?

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