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Before I introduce you all to this week's cool kids I'd like to use this opportunity to wish you all a weekend filled with chocolate eggs and killer Easter brunches. Priorities, you know. Moving on! We've had another fantastic week with lots of brand new Creators who deserve some recognition. Without further ado, here are this week's TOP 10 NEW CREATOR POSTS.

Celebrating 75 Years of This Caped Crusader

By Hugo A. Sanchez

In honour of the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight, Hugo A. Sanchez and his partners in crime have created a fantastic tribute to our favourite caped crusader. That's 75 years of Batman outfits and weapons, 75 years of the Batmobile and 75 years of crime fighting. Have a look at the incredible project Hugo has created. It's no wonder it got featured in UAE based newspaper Gulf News. Without further ado: "Batman 75th anniversary Tribute Project".

Alien 5: YES or Nuke It From Orbit?

By Peter Flynn

In his first ever post, Peter Flynn knocks it right out of the park, into orbit, and straight for LV-426. His article shows us the potential risks involved in Neil Blomkamp’s attempt to revive the Alien series, but also what we as fans hope will be featured. Not bad, for a human. Head over to "7 Ways Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 Could Go Wrong" and throw in your two cents.

7 Days of SFX Make Up... Prepare Yourselves!

By Abi Gordon-Cody

Special effects make-up artist Abi Gordon-Cody knows exactly how to make your stomach turn, often leaving us haunted and nauseous, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Cut-off toes and fingers, and other horrific injuries - you name it, she can create it. Yes, this is me encouraging you to click on the following link. If you are a horror and gore fan then you won't regret checking out "She's Back With More! 7 Days of SFX Make Up... Let The Tummy Churning Commence!", and if you do... well, don't say I did not warn you!

"The True Amazons Had One Boob" - Gal Gadot

By Richard Berrigan

Richard Berrigan poses a great question: "Why Are We Talking About Gal Gadot's Boobs?". I have no answer to that one I'm afraid. Sure, Gadot doesn't look exactly like the comic book version of Wonder Woman but then again, who does? Berrigan suggests Wonder Woman's femininity and her sexuality are exaggerated to an extreme, which leaves us with the another question: are Gal Gadot's boobs the problem or are our unrealistic expectations the culprit?

View Your Favourite Hero in a Different Light

By DeviousSqurlDesigns

Raise your hand if you love unique fan art! I do, which is why I'm so excited about DeviousSqurlDesigns' work. At some point in our lives we've all wanted to be a hero or a villain. These characters have helped many of us differentiate between right and wrong, and they've brightened up our screens. The following creations are the perfect tribute to our favourite superheroes and villains, highlighting their awesomeness beautifully. Check out "Reflections in Glass: Heroes and Villians". I promise you won't be disappointed.

Which Fantasy Heroine Are You?

By Liv Winter

Who doesn't love a good, solid personality quiz! For those of you out there who, just like me, have always wondered which fantasy heroine they'd be based on their own personality are in luck because brand new Creator Liv Winter is here to put an end to our curiosity! Will it be a witch or a warrior, a princess or pagan... time to find out: "Which Fantasy Heroine Are You?"

Pokemon Kanto Region Sports Team Logos

By Chris Matthews

If you’ve ever played Pokemon, you’ll know how each Gym has it’s own character and vibe. So much so that you usually know exactly which members of your squad to use before facing the gym leader. Chris Matthews has obviously felt the same way, having created logos for each gym that embodies their essence to perfection! Be sure to check out his fantastic "Pokemon Kanto Region Sports Team Logos"!

The Dark Madness

By Eliran Bichman

There is so much fantastic Batman fan art on the internet nowadays, but they often get pigeon-holed into your every day comic book style (which we all love!). However, it is truly refreshing to see the dark knight and his infamous villains take a different shape once in a while. Here is a perfect example of the character we all know and love designed in a totally new way - "THE BAT".

Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be a Superhero!

By Alex Beltran

What's that saying? "Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman." Have you always wondered what kind of superhero you'd be? This is your chance to find out! Are you more like Batman, Wonder Woman or Captain America, DC or Marvel? Stop what you're doing right now and take "The Ultimate Which Superhero Are You Quiz?".

The Walking Dead: TV vs. Comic Books

By Ismail Gomaa

This post poses the question to Walking Dead fans - which interpretation do we prefer, the comic book characters or the characters on TV? This post deserves a huge shout-out for its use of images and the innovation to apply this comparison to our poll format. Definitely a great way to create a post and one that I really hope to see more of in the future! Check out "Glenn Rhee, Maggie Greene & Rick Grimes: The Walking Dead TV vs Comic Books!".

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