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There recently was a rumor of Black Tusk remastering the Gears of Wars series for the Xbox One but turned out to be false. They publicly told the community that they are not currently remastering the series. They are currently focused on making Gears of War 4. They have not released to much info on it for the time being.

Much of the Community would love to see this great series be remastered to next gen and play there favorite games all over again but with that "new" feeling to it. Make all the campaigns able to be played with 4-player Co-op. Have all characters available to use. (For Locust I would use Raam and COG I would be Anthony Carmine.)

I just think these few reasons and suggestions themselves would be good enough to remake a great series that a lot of us miss playing but are tired of the same old stuff on the XBOX 360.


Which Gears of War was your Favorite?


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