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'Run, Barry Run!!!'

Now, after the Episode 17 (The Tricksters), we finally know what Harrison Wells really was! But what about Allen? What about the whole Eddie and Eobard Thawne? I will tell you the theory behind this.

In 'Flashpoint', we've already read and seen the aftermath of Time Travel and the real powers of Barry Allen. Professor Zoom or Eobard Thawne, who is also the future relative of Eddie Thawne (Malcolm Thawne), has crossed the time barrier, killed Harrison Wells, took his place, dismantled and planned the S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator and turned Barry into the scarlet speedster! All of this, because Eobard couldn't cross the time barrier again, and he never would be able to. So, he made '[The Flash](series:1068303)' to fight the Flash. But before that he needed Barry's extremely fast speed to escape this time line.

There is so much coming up in the future of flash, for example, Cisco turns into a superhero called 'The Vibe', Caitilin turns into a supervillian called ' The Killer Frost' and Talia's Al Ghul, who is also the mother of 3rd or 4th Robin - Damian Wayne and Daughter of Ra's Al Ghul. This is why Arrow is meeting The Flash again and again, there's a major connection between the two show's future.

This is it. But what's up in the show? What's the future of the show? Watch it here

and here,

and same goes for our Oliver, here,

Looking forward to an interesting journey of Barry Allen, Oliver Queen, Ray Palmer and Ra's Al Ghul! Follow me for upcoming news! And yea, this...


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