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With yet another movie in the Halloween franchise on the horizon, I am filled with both excitement and dread. My hopes are high that they follow the original John Carpenter vision of the series, and not the lack luster Zombie films that while were well directed and gritty, lost the mystery and mysticism that made me fall in love with the franchise.

I wish someone would knock on my door and be like "Hey there Jarett, we want you to write the next Halloween movie" because I know exactly what I would do.

Aside from diehard fans, most people aren't truly aware of Michael Myers' motive for killing. Most of it wasn't revealed till the 6th installment of the series "The Curse Of Michael Myers". In which, due to the death of Donald Pleasance, the actor who portrayed the tortured protagonist and former Doctor of Michael, Samuel Loomis, the original scripted ending was changed.

In "Curse", it is revealed by an adult Tommy Doyle, (traumatized and obsessed survivor of the first movie) that Michael's killing sprees are triggered a constellation that resembles a "Thorn" that appears on the night of Samhain. Thorn, is a druid curse that afflicted one person each generation. This person would be driven to kill all living relatives as a sacrifice that would prevent pestilence and plague. This person will have enhanced strength and immunity from death while the constipation is visible. It also has a cult devoted to it and Michael, which depending on the version of the movie you've seen, varies slightly. In both, Smiths Grove Sanitarium is a front for the cult consisting of Dr, Wynn, the hospital staff, and several members of the Haddonfield community. The only thing that differs is motive. In the Producer's Cut, they are a straight up cult with robes and chanting and sh*t. In the theatrical version the are experimenting with Michael's DNA. These experiments include the creation of Jamie Lloyd's and Michael's son (yes, born of incest), as well as unknown experiments with Danny Strode (a young boy living in Michael's old room).

For the sake of sticking with the cannon, I will use the theatrical version of Curse to further my vision of the story. Most of the main cast would be the survivors of that movie, Tommy Doyle, Danny Strode, Kara Strode (Danny's mother), and Baby Steven (the child of Michael Myers and Jamie Lloyd). It will be some years later. Tommy and Kara both in their early 40's are a couple, living together and raising Steven, who is now a young teen. Danny will be a main protagonist. In his early to mid 20's now. He will be a conflicted character with anger issues due to the experiments and trauma he experienced as a child. He has dark thoughts and visions of violence, much like Jamie Lloyd had in Halloween 5. Later you find he has a mental connection with Michael due to Dr. Wynn's experiments with Thorn. Steven is a seemingly well adjusted kid with no memory or knowledge of his lineage. However, there is still something unsettling about him. He's kind of a loner and doesn't have many friends. He's a smart boy and spends a lot of his time reading to himself. Tommy and Kara are overprotective of him, and he resents them for it. He adores his older brother Danny and wishes he could be more like him.

There is one more main protagonist I want to bring in, but first I have to explain. Halloween H2O was created to revitalize the series which grinned to a halt after the death of Donald Pleasence. He was meant to carry the series into the next chapter. In the Producer's Cut of "Curse" a dying Dr, Wynn transfers the curse of thorn to Dr. Loomis making him Michael's guardian. Due to his death the original ending and much of the movie was changed. So, H2O brought back Jamie Leigh Curtis as Laurie Strode having faked her death (presumably after birthing her daughter Jamie who was adopted by the Lloyds), She is now going by the name Keri Tate and has a son named John. John, is fully aware of his mother's past but not of his half sister or her baby. After his mother's death at the beginning of the atrocity that is Halloween: Resurrection, her will is released to him explaining to him the existence of his deceased half sibling. He does some digging and tracks down his nephew and adoptive family.

*Side Note: aside from the death of Laurie Strode in the beginning of the film, I will be writing off all the events of Halloween: Resurrection as having been done by a Michael impostor. Maybe have it be a failed Thorn experiment escapee from Smith's Grove or something. I don't know. That movie was a giant turd.*

Back to my story. John Tate tracks down his nephew and his adoptive family fearing that Michael will return this Halloween. In doing so he unwittingly leads agents of thorn right to Danny and Steven. An attempt is made to take Steven but is fought off by Tommy and John, killing a few of the cultists before they make a tactical retreat. Tommy blames John for this. They get into a fight which Kara breaks up only to realize Danny might be in danger too. She calls him to meet them at a motel they are traveling to because the house is no longer safe. Steven is confused and scared. Tommy and Kara explain the situation to him with some input from John. Tommy and Kara willfully neglect to tell Steven that he is Michael's son, a fact John is also unaware of. John, just now learning about the Cult of Thorn has a slight mental breakdown. Kara calms him down. They decide they are safe enough for the moment to get some rest while they wait for Danny.

Danny, on the other hand... hasn't slept in days. He's been having night terrors. Visions of terrible and violent things. Memories of the the rituals and experiments that were performed on him as a child. He's locked himself in his apartment, afraid he might hurt someone or himself if he leaves. He has dreams of killing his Mother that shake him to the bone. He is one minute away from suicide when she calls and tells him what's happening. He leaves immediately.

He arrives at the motel the next day, October 31st, Halloween. Danny meets John, and John is very uneasy about Danny, There is something in his eyes he doesn't like. They all leave together in seperate cars. Tommy, Kara, and John in one. Danny and Steven in the other. They make their way to a cabin that Tommy and Kara kept in case of an emergency. On the way there John speaks up about his unease in regards to Danny by making a comment about Steven's safety. which prompts Kara to tell him about what Danny had been through and the special bond that He and Steven have. The boys have their own conversation in which Steven asks Danny what Tommy and Kara aren't telling him about Michael, he tells Steven that they think he is also his father. Danny then confesses his current mental state to Steven. He tells him to open the glove compartment, revealing a gun he intended to shoot himself with a day earlier. He instructs Steven to take the gun and put it in his backpack and to shoot him if he tries to hurt anyone.

They pull into a truck stop to get some food and supplies. Here they are once again attacked by the Agents of Thorn, in greater number than before. The patrons of the establishment are slaughtered in the altercation. The group kills a few of the cult members but Kara is mortally wounded,, John is injured, and Steven was taken. Kara's last words to her son Danny who is distraught are "I love you. Save Steven." Danny goes into a rage. Destroying anything within reach. While Tommy is crying over Kara's body John spots an injured cultist trying to escape. He tackles him and extracts information as to where they are taking Steven. The cultist says only "To his father". Danny then pushes John out of the way and beats the cultist to death with his bare hands in epic bloody fashion. Tommy tries to stop him and Danny turns on him. He floors Tommy with a single devastating punch. He then climbs on top of him and begins to choke him with a cold, dead stare. John gives Danny a blow to the back of the head and knocks him out.

Danny wakes up in the backseat of Tommy's car to Tommy and John in a heated debate about what to do with Danny and how to find Steven. Danny interjects and tells them what he has been going through the past few days. He tells them that he no longer believes they are his own delusions but Michael's memories. That somehow when they tried to give him the Curse of Thorn he became connected to Michael (like Jamie was in 5). He tells Tommy and John that Michael is being kept in the facility under Smith's Grove where Steven was born and that's where they are taking him.

While Tommy, John, and Danny make their way to Smith's Grove, Steven is brought to meet his father who is awake and chained up. A man in a cloak (resembling the shape) tells Steven the story of Thorn. The cult truly believe that the world is such turmoil because Michael has not finished his work, The experiments they performed to transfer the curse were done by Dr. Wynn who had lost sight of the true purpose of Thorn and wanted immortality. He tells Steven that by letting Michael kill him and John, it will save the world. The Shape walks up to Steven and puts his hands on his shoulders and asks him to be a willing sacrifice, to which Steven replies by kicking him in the balls. The man drops and Steven runs, eventually making his way into the basement of the Sanitarium.

The man gets up and sets Michael loose. Michael thanks him by promptly snapping his neck with the chain. Michael then peruses his son with his usual slow menacing walk. Steven is stopped by an orderly while trying to escape. The orderly locks him in the control room before having his eyes gouged out by Michael. Steven flips the switch that unlocks the patients doors and sets off the alarm as a distraction while he escapes into a ventilation shaft. He makes his way through the ducts until he sees his back pack sitting on a desk in an office. He kicks in the grate and drops down onto the desk. Reclaiming his bag containing the gun Danny gave him and an emergency cell phone which he uses to call Danny.

John reluctantly cuts Danny's bonds free so he can answer the call. Danny answers the phone and tells him to hide because they are almost there. Now we follow Danny and the others. They pull up to Smith's Grove to pandemonium. Two cop cars are parked out front, sirens on and doors wide open. Danny picks up a shot gun from one of the cars which John promptly takes away from him. He says he doesn't trust him with it. Tommy gives Danny a look of reluctant agreement. Danny is hurt by this.

They slowly enter Smith's Grove to see patients running wild and several bodies strewn about. The ground is littered with gore spilling from the bodies of cops, cultists, and patients alike. They turn the corner to see Michael disemboweling a cop. John sees him and is frozen. The other tell him to shoot but their words are muffled, he is paralyzed with fear. Tommy takes the shotgun from him, cocks it, aims, and pulls the trigger to hear a faint click. He repeats the process again to the same result, the gun is empty. F*ck.

They run. John stays frozen in his tracks. Tommy and Danny pause and yell for him to follow. Michael gets closer and closer to John. Danny starts to run back for him but he gets hit with a blinding pain and drops to the floor. Danny is seeing through Michael's eyes as he approaches the fear stricken John. Danny screams in pain for it to stop. Michael stops right in front of John and pauses for a moment. They stare blankly at each other. Michael reaches up and puts his hands on John's face in an almost gentle way before he starts crushing his skull. John leaves a faint whisper that almost sounds like the word "Uncle" as his head caves in on itself. Michael tilts his head to watch John's lifeless body drop in an almost innocent and inquisitive nature.

Danny shakes off the images of John's head implosion through Michael's eyes. He yells to Tommy to find Steven and then takes a run at Michael. They fight hand to hand. Danny holds his own as he is much faster than Michael. It also would appear he is somehow stronger than average. That he is channeling some strength from the night of Samhain, much like Michael himself. It's a brutal fight but it is clear he is outmatched. The fight ends with Michael sending Danny over a railing onto a flight of stairs. Danny lies motionless with blood pouring from his head.

Tommy's search for Steven leads him to Dr. Wynn's old office where he finds documentation on what exactly happened to Danny. He hears a noise in the corner and moves to defend himself but to his surprise it's Steven coming through the vent shaft. They hug. Steven asks about the others and all Tommy can do is shake his head and cry. He then takes Steven's hand and tells him "We're getting the f*ck out of here", Of course on their way to the exit they run into Michael. They run in the opposite direction which leads them back under Smith's Grove where the Thorn rituals take place. Tommy and Steven look for an exit but they are trapped. Michael enters the room. Tommy gets between Michael and Steven. Michael picks Tommy up by his throat, choking the life out of him. Steven yells "STOP! Stop it daddy!", Michael drops Tommy to the ground as Steven climbs up on the altar. "It's okay daddy, I understand," he says as he lays down. Michael stands at the side of the altar where a sacrificial knife is placed, a knife with the mark of thorn on it. Michael raises the knife above Steven. At the last second Danny runs in and knocks the knife out of Michael's hands. Michael begins to choke Danny as he ferociously fights for his life. A gunshot goes off, BANG! Then 2 more, BANG! BANG! Michael drops Danny and turns around to see Steven holding the gun from his backpack. Steven shoots him right in the head and Michael falls. Steven walks over to the knife and picks it up. He straddles over the his father and plunges the knife into his heart. Steven reaches up and pulls his mask off. Michael seems to mouth the words "Thank you" as he finally dies for good.

Steven helps Danny to his feet as Tommy wakes up. Tommy sees Michael with the knife in his chest and urges Steven to come away from Danny. "You don't know what he is now", Tommy says. Danny asks "what am I?" Tommy says "You're him" as he nods in the direction of Michael's body. A puzzled Danny asks "What the f*ck are you talking about?". "I know what they did to you, Danny. I know what you are now. Get away from my son!" Tommy lunges at Danny tackling him to the floor. He reaches for a rune stone to bash Danny's head in. A shot rings out, BANG! Followed by 2 more BANG! BANG! Then the sound of the hammer clicking against the emtpy bullet casings. Tommy falls with 3 holes in his back. A look of confusion falls upon his face as he coughs up blood. Steven drops the gun and then to his knees. Danny yells "WHAT DID YOU DO?". Steven replies through his tears "He was gonna kill you."

As Tommy lay dying he could only think about how wrong he was. It wasn't Danny who plunged the dagger into Michael's heart transferring the curse of thorn... it was Steven. Tommy dies choking on his last words that never quite seem to make it. His open, lifeless eyes staring at Steven as he reaches over to close them revealing the mark of thorn on his wrist.

Danny asures a crying Steven that it's all over now and they are going home. They exit Smith's Grove together and drive off in Tommy's car.

The end.

I realize this is a departure from the straight up slasher genre Michael has called home for over 3 decades, but I feel that a more action/horror oriented finale would be a proper send off. I want to incorporate the hyper-violence of the Rob Zombie versions into the original franchise. I fully realize that Michael isn't even in it till the final act but he goes out in style by killing pretty much an entire hospital of people. Yes, it does end with him actually dying, forever. I feel like he's earned his rest. But that is just my opinion. Feel free to share yours in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!


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