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For the , introduced by Moviepilot's Cassie Benter, I wanted to put my two cents in about three games I think need to be made.

I'm a Johto kid til the death of me. I love Totodile, Cyndaquil and Chikorita. My first Pokemon game that I ever played was on the GBA and it was Pokemon Gold. The first GBA too not the SP with the recharge cord, you had to be dedicated to play those games stealing AA batteries out of tv remotes when your parents weren't paying attention. Now we have new technology so obviously the games should evolve with it and for the most part they have, but only on the Nintendo DS. Stop being stingy Nintendo and share some of the love.

Here's what I'm thinking, Pokemon on the Xbox One with Kinect controls. Now before you start talking about how much you hate the Kinect which a lot of people seem to, I'll go ahead and say that you have controller options too. Of course you'd need to though because I'm picturing something similar to Final Fantasy meets Kinectimals.

Voice and Motion Controls

That could totally be you!! Imagine a game where you're playing and you're strolling around when oh nos!! a challenger appears. You stand up, pick or say I choose you "insert pokemon name" and thrust at the screen like you're throwing a pokeball. Then boom out of the pokeball comes the pokemon you have with you. You can also name them custom names by voice although this might take a bit more time since they'd have to record you saying each pokemon's name. Then you can shout out the attacks that you want it to use or hold your hand out for it to return and switch out with another pokemon. You can even add in certain commands like dodge or jump for it to be able to attempt to evade attacks in real time.

Now here's where the kinectimals reference comes in. You'd be able to interact with your pokemon any time you want just by stop and taking some time with it. Any city you're in. You can talk to it and play with it, feed it, give it a potion if you feel like.

Then if it doesn't like you eventually it can rip you to shreds but not really. You'd just have a really bad Pokemon that doesn't want to have anything to do with you. Also let's imagine the storylines that might be possible. You can create a bond with your pokemon and talk to it, each pokemon can have it's own personality and difficulties in raising it some being super affectionate from the start and others being defiant until you win them over. Add an rpg element and have to find a certain item to get them to like your better if you want.

You can add a WiiU and PS4 version too of course, using the Wii remote or PS4 move controller to throw the pokeball, using the touch screen to see your pokemon and interact with it. You can use the PS eye for voice commands. Also what would be really cool is when you use fly. Imagine getting to watch a small (completely skippable) cutscene as your Pokemon and you majestically fly over different lands to get where you're going.

Sounds interesting right? Next we have

I just love sandbox games. I can't get enough of them, GTA, Need For Speed, the Assassin's Creed series, I love them all. I like not being restricted by rules on where I need to go and sitting through load screens, just being able to explore the world. Now imagine the fun of exploration with the cartoony stylings of Mario. I know another Nintendo title, I'm not in love with Nintendo but I think since they have such fun characters they can do more with them.

Moviepilot's Julian Gerdes wrote an article about hyper realistic Mario fan art and I thought it'd make a really cool game. So let's think about how cool it would be if maybe you didn't have to save the princess this time. Maybe Bowser stole something important from the princess and you have to go all around to find it doing small but silly and fun quests. You can go to the shop to buy powerups like the Tanuki suit or the feather that turns you into a superhero.

Maybe instead you have a quest to find the ice suit or the feather to help you get across the sea to other lands and each island you're on has it's own dungeon like in earlier GTA where you can't unlock other places until after you've gotten a certain place in the story. Imagine being able to ride Yoshi in an open world game. Or, they can go realistic borderlands style and really push the boundaries of the character while still making him accessible to all ages, all the cartoony violence you come to expect but really go hard on the animation and the visuals.

You can even make it kind of meta where other characters from Mario's past are included like Donkey Kong and maybe Donkey Kong attempts to be Mario's friend and help him out to make up for his granddad but Bowser takes him under his control possessing his body with a Boo.

Two semi solid choices right?

They made a pretty cool looking Superman game for the IOS which sucks because I am android all the way. Apple is just expensive, I can get three things for the price of 1 phone and their memory capacity seems to sucks. We all have Computers or game consoles though so let's get us a really good Superman game. Injustice was a great superhero game that featured Superman but it was nowhere near a Superman game. It made the same mistake of giving Superman a health bar. I kind of enjoyed Superman Returns but most didn't. A lot of people think making a great Superman game is near impossible. I disagree. Let's rock.

Things to include to make a great Superman game:

Let Superman be Superman: No health bar. Superman is the man who defies death not who gets killed by a random thug like Batman in his games. Not dissing Batman, if you lose in a Batman game you're just not being a very good Batman. If you die a Superman you're not getting a good Superman. He's overpowered, it's ok, just let him be who he is and fight the way he needs to.

More to do: Superman shouldn't be stopped over and over because of being killed by randoms, he's Superman he doesn't die. What should be done is have more to do, have Superman saving people, use your ice breath to put out fires and save people from buildings, use your super strength to save people from falling debris, use your X-ray vision to do detective missions finding criminals. This isn't dark souls where you die a hundred times and learn the game, it should be hordes of villains being thrown at you that take a really long time to beat a frustratingly long time to beat but after you've beat them you feel like you really accomplished something. Imagine a button mash event where all the criminals have jumped you literally they're all over you and you're buried under a swarm of bodies when you mash the button you see red light coming out of the cracks and boom!! your heat vision breaks them off of you bodies scattering off. If you do have Superman nearly die it should be against bosses like Mongul or Brainiac or even Doomsday. Have interesting things that you can only do as Clark Kent.

Limit time Trials: Flying and speed running should be fun. There should be a limit to how many time trials you have. Have some races, maybe if you beat even of the races mini missions you get to race the Flash and it'd be unbelievably hard. Have him do the flying mini missions like in DCU online but have them completely optional. If the missions aren't optional have them be things that utilize all abilities, have Lex Luthor place bombs all over the city and I have to fly really fast, use my X-ray vision to find them, use my super strength to get to them, use my heat vision or ice breath to destroy the bomb before it explodes or fly really fast high up in the air and throw it into the sun.

Upgrade to be the best Superman you can be: This one is easy enough, just have upgrades to have your powers be better or more focused. Fly faster and maneuver better, go from a wide spread weak heat vision and ice breath to a more focused one.

Include other Characters: It's a superman game, of course Superman should be the forerunner but he is kind of the center of the DCU at least to me he is, involving other characters for cameos and missions would be fun, maybe Aquaman is captured and you have to help his wife save him. Just getting to see Atlantis would be awesome and then you can even eventually branch off of that to a Aquaman game where Atlantis is actually explorable. Like I said add the Flash. One of my favorite parts of Arkham City was when Robin showed up.

Compelling story: Batman is dark and gritty, it's a lot easier to write an interesting story for him because that's the world we live in something dark and gritty that's constantly beating the crap out of you. Making something hopeful that is also compelling and interesting is hard. Superman is so much more than this strong flying guy who hits things. This goes hand in hand with the upgrades but since Kryptonite is so big on Superman maybe give him a Kryptonite that causes him to lose his memories, have him forget how to control his powers well so he has to upgrade and level up by practicing. Have him struggling to figure out whether or not he still wants to be Superman. He has a clean slate now, he has no memories of his moral code and what was driving him. Should he constantly be fighting for people who refuse to help themselves? Also have the kryptonite that took his memory away give random people some of his powers to give formidable enemies. A city in chaos. Have every single one of his important villains attacking when he's at his weakest. Mongul, Brainiac, Metallo, Parasyte, Darkseid, imagine being able to go visit Apokolips or Warworld. Maybe they could include Morality choices for Superman to have to deal with.


Just a bit of humor from one of my favorite comedians. I know Superman has plenty of reasons to be depressed, he's an alien from a destroyed world who can't seem to completely relate with other people, no matter how hard he tries to help and save people he can't be everywhere all the time and people will always hate him a little for that. He can't solve all the world's problems and despite trying to be a symbol and and inspire people to be better it never seems to work and there's always another villain to fight.

Another home run. I know I'm good. Ouch! I broke my hand, but I already know what you're thinking.

but I won't, because I can't make games
but I won't, because I can't make games

Well that's all for my list, but you know what. I want to know what you come up with for


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