ByThomas Miller-Starnes, writer at

So what i have heard so far is that on season 6 of the walking dead the show will be starting at about 7:30 standard eastern time. It's crazy the people that are talking about Ricks and his group have no freaking idea what they have been through I mean Rick lost his wife, and Carl lost his mother everybody at the new place they are at is the people are always saying stuff about Rick behind his back and straight to his face saying hes a killer and all he is trying to help the girl that is being abused by her husband. They should stop now because he saved at least 2 lives in the last episode of season 5 he saved the lady that was being abused and he probably saved one when he took out the three zombies that got into the camp when the pastor left the gate open and told the guard he would take care of it, and i can't believe that Noah died because of one guys actions Glenn needs to kill him not help him, also I cant believe how Ninja Morgan is I thought he was a chill dude but i guess not.


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