ByOscar Omar Bennington Shinoda, writer at

Thanks to our movies, we can see lots of great places, that not eaven in our dreams can be imaginated. This is my top 5 places that we need to visit in real life.

1. Northen water tribe (From The last air bender)

Let´s face it, we need to know how to water bend with the best water benders, it is cold, but water benders do not feel cold. (PS. Movie sucks)

2. Dauntless´dining hall (From Divergent)

Let´s go and eat something tasty and cool, maybe a hamburger. Yeah, that could be nice, let´s go somewhere we can enjoy it with great music and lots of dauntless mates. this place is perfect for us.

3. The Capitol (From The Hunger Games)

Our style is very unique. Lets get fat with lots of food, and if we get so full, we will drink something that will make us vomit, so we can eat more and we wont be ashamed.

4. Pandora (From Avatar)

Lets take a vacation to somewhere else. Somewhere out of this world, literally. Somewhere spectacular, where islands float, there are BIG trees, lots of vegetation, and lots of strange creatures. Lets go to learn about the Na´vi at their natural home.

5. Asgard (From Thor)

But we should go somewhere else. Not another planet, but another world. Where magic and science are the same thing, where gods reunite and have the best feast of all. Where the greatest battles begin.

So that´s it folks. My elections, show me yours at the coments


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