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From 'outa nowhere!

What an episode! Season 5 of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) consisted of very well directed episodes and definitely some great acting. There were two instances in S05 E16 that definitely took me by surprise and I don't get surprised easily! The first scene that was definitely a "jump up and hit my head on the ceiling lamp" moment was when Morgan showed up and saved Aaron and our beloved Daryl from that ridiculous amount of Walkers surrounding the car they where in. IDK how he suddenly became this ass kicking ninja but I like it!

The second scene that really had me gasping was Reggie's death. I had a feeling Pete was going to do something crazy like ATTEMPTING to kill someone but I didn't expect him to actually kill anyone even though it was accidentally.That definitely put things into perspective for Deanna and I am excited to see what that means for the group and especially Rick in the upcoming season.


So we didn't see Daryl die in The Walking Dead Season 5 and I cant honestly say that I expected it to happen (not that i'm complaining). Do I think he's going to die in season 6...... I can truly say that I don't even know what to think at this point! I see it this way, considering that the show is based on a comic series that is already written and seeing how Daryl isn't in it, it's kind of difficult to add a character into a story that is already written. Daryl's character has progressed so much that I'm ok with putting his character to rest.
Here are my death predictions:

  • Someone from Abraham's Army (maybe Rosita)
  • Carol (her "badassness" is running out)
  • Aaron or Erick, maybe both

Also some obvious supporting character deaths will happen.


Who do you think will die in season 6?

As far as ASZ's fate, I feel that Rick is definitely going to be more of a Leader in the safe zone other then just a constable. I can totally see Deanna allowing the group to "train" the other survivors in the ASZ. I feel that they will have to get ready for an attack from another group, possibly The Wolves. There will definitely be a lot of conflict between the two groups and an attack on the safe zone. Morgan will also help out with the group and we can see that him and Rick will have plenty to discuss!

So let us know what you think at!


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