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I have here possibly the biggest Horror movie news since Freddy vs Jason! And that's how Jason Voorhees will be squaring off with Michael Myers on October 30th, 2017. Or in other words, the day before Halloween!

Art by Jason Edmiston
Art by Jason Edmiston
Art By Jason Edmiston
Art By Jason Edmiston

And I shouldn't have to say this, but you should all know this is the biggest dream come true to not only Horror movie fans, but fans of movies in general. This heavy news was revealed by Brad Fuller (Friday the 13th Franchise) and Malek Akkad (Halloween Franchise). Who both had something to say about this incredible project.

Well we're really passionate about this project. We know its gonna be a big.. deal. Not only in the Horror movie world, but also in the film world period. And with that kind of pressure, we can't help but to make this film as good as great as it could be. - Brad Fuller

Yeah Brad's totally right. We initially started bringing up the possibility of this crossover back in 2013, unfortunately we were never able to progress on it like we wanted to. But now that the cards are in place, we can finally give the fans what they've wanted for decades. And that is to finally get Jason and Michael onscreen together for the first time ever! - Malek Akkad

Wow, I'm still getting goosebumps, could this really be the start of a whole universe of Horror movie icons?

I Doubt it..

April Fools!


Would YOU Want To See Michael Myers fight Jason In The future?


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