ByLewis Powell, writer at

Am I the only person who currently feels like all the movies aimed at the teen to young adult market are the same. Now don't take this the wrong way,I love the movie and insurgent is te top of my list this year so far but it neared exact plot for plot points with the maze runner. As this is a non spoiler review I wont rewen anything for anyone but it's basically the same.

As for the mayor franchise the hunger games I feel that people should stop complaining about the lack of action on mockingjay part 1 and understand the message after all that political wars are just as powerful as action.

This is is exactly the sort of teen film we should be looking forward to something different. But still it bore the same plot of a young person trying to overcome a evil government. This is a good plot which could be further explored further but add something new to the plot please.

How about a Asian or homosexual main character this would brake lines not usually crossed in film. And give the main character a proper motivation for being against the villain not that they are just a evil dictator.

This same story loop needs to be corrected there needs to be something new and exiting.


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