ByJoey Jarvis, writer at
I am a radio DJ by day and a "SUPER" geek by night!

If you had the chance to venture in to the great wild blue yonder for a day where would you go? I would pick the urban sprawl that help mold a mild mannered Kansas kid in to the world's greatest hero Superman - Metropolis, USA!

My name is Joey Jarvis and I am a small town kid just like Clark Kent. I grew up in what locals call a "holler" in Beeson, WV. Beeson had a post office that was also the local convenient store and meeting place for its 100 or so residents. It was a dusty town with proud people. But, as many small towns in America, it lost its center of employment when the coal mines began to cease production. With the mines closing, it left many with out work and they left the great small town of Beeson. My small town never could recoup from the economic down turn and thus is no more. So this is why I dream of visiting the big city.

Big cities never have to worry about losing population because they are the epicenters of everything "BIG" in our country. Metropolis, USA is just that type of city in the DC Universe. Metropolis had it all!!! An uber rich philanthropist bent on helping humanity, but wanting it to be on his terms - AKA - Lex Luthor. It had the world's most tenacious female reporter who could get the scoop better than anyone - AKA - Lois Lane. But, Metropolis, USA had the one knight in shining armor that everyone wished they had...SUPERMAN!!!

Superman protected the planet for sure, but he always protected his home first and foremost...Metropolis, USA. Metropolis has it all. Visiting Metropolis would be a dream come true for a small town boy. Just look at the chronicles of Clark Kent and his alter-ego Superman. He always had to deal with the evils of the city, but he also got to enjoy its culture and its people.

Imagine you are watching a new video presentation from the Metropolis, USA Bureau of Tourism..."Visit beautiful Metropolis, USA today. Take a ride through Centennial Park on a horse drawn carriage. Soak in the cultural history of Little Bohemia. Shop in the world renowned Lacey's Department Store. Visit the world famous Daily Planet.

See Metropolis, USA has it all. Why not dream big and dream of visiting the homestead of the greatest superhero of all time? You might just have your day saved by Superman and get you picture taken by Jimmy Olsen with a headline written by Lois Lane.


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