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Right now, it's [Empire](movie:784585)'s world, y'all. We're just living in it. But lo, a challenger appears! And it will appear on Hulu, of all places.

Production has started on Hulu's original series, South Beach, which is set in Miami (the title is named for Miami's famed beach) and follows the growing rivalry between the two most powerful record labels in Miami. The synopsis makes it sound as gloriously soap opera pulpy as you'd expect:

Long-time leader Donovan Lear Entertainment represents Carmen Suarez (Ana Villafañe), a gorgeous pop star who tops the charts in both English and Spanish. As Carmen prepares to embark on a world tour behind her latest #1 single, her life is complicated when she falls for Michael Bell, the up-and-coming DJ from ADLV Music Group, Donovan Lear's hated rival run by his former flame, Antigone de la Vega. Antigone's life is turned upside down when her fiancé, Gus Garcia, the beloved Mayor of Miami Beach, is murdered under mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile, the most dangerous member of Miami's criminal underworld, Isaac Santero (Jordi Vilasuso), is plotting a bold move that will shake the foundations of South Beach.

Beautiful setting? Check. Beautiful people? Check. Enough intrigue, drama, and scandalous plotlines to keep viewers hooked? Double check. You're ticking all the boxes, Dolphin Digital Media.

Jordi Vilasuso - The Line
Jordi Vilasuso - The Line

South Beach will be directed by Joshua Caldwell (Layover, Dig) with a script written by Brian Hurwitz (Stranded, Hiding). Along with Villafañe and Vilasuso, the (exceptionally beautiful) cast includes Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Manny Montana, Arlene Tur, Marc Menard, Deniz Akdeniz, Eddie Finlay and Steve DuMouchel.

Plus, the music should be incredible. Veteran music producer Ali Dee Theodore of DeeTown Entertainment is writing all the music for the series, including the score. He has a slew of platinum records under his belt and has written some of the most recognizable soundtrack songs in recent history.

Like a little song called "Cups"...
Like a little song called "Cups"...

This is a smart move on Dolphin Digital's part for multiple reasons. Right now, some of the best series writing and acting are happening not on network, nor even cable, but on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. With the Hispanic demographic being one of the fastest-growing movie and television-watching demographics, South Beach could very well fill a need that has not yet been met, namely, a quality series with a predominantly Hispanic-American cast.

Will it be a guaranteed hit? Not necessarily. But South Beach has the feel of the next potential cult series in the making.


Will you be streaming South Beach when it drops?


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