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News had come out earlier today that next year's "DEADPOOL" will unfortunately be rated PG-13 but playfully Ryan Reynolds dropped this bombshell in an exclusive interview with Check it out:

YES! So it looks like "DEADPOOL" will be Rated R after all.....which means blood, violence, bad language, blood.....and more blood will be featured in the movie, hopefully getting closer to the true character of Deadpool than what we've previously seen in live action iterations.

Ryan Reynolds playfully replies to Mario Lopez that he has played the character before in "X-Men Origins Wolverine" but that will not be the character portrayed in this film, as we all know, the character was not done justice in that film at all.

FOX disappointed fans everywhere earlier today when they did seemingly confirm the film to be PG-13, as many of us believe such a low rating wouldn't be doing the character justice, but FOX may have pulled the best April Fools prank ever by doing this.

Fans rejoice and be thankful for Ryan Reynolds as he has been campaigning for a Rated R "Deadpool" film for a long time, he truly cares about the character and is a perfect fit for the role.

"Deadpool" hits theaters February 12th 2016, the film will be directed by Tim Miller and stars Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, TJ Miller as Weasel and Morena Baccarin as Copycat.

Are you happy that "Deadpool" will be rated R or were you hoping for a more 'family friendly' film? Let me know down below!


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