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It was a war that erupted when we heard Deadpool might be rated PG 13 but today that changed. In a Extra mock interview (courtesy of JoBlo) Mario Lopez was interviewing Ryan Reynolds over the rating fiasco and asking what his thoughts were. Ryan of course who's been fighting the PG 13 rating expressed his concern but Mario Lopez praised the movie being family friendly. He loved the idea of Deadpool being friendly enough to sell toys and get the families on his side. The next thing that happened can only be witnessed so take a look below!

It might have been the perfect timing to do so with Fox announcing a PG 13 rating earlier today. Then this video coming out to explain the elaborate April Fools joke from Fox! I'm pretty sure we can all agree that today is a glorious day for all Deadpool fans knowing the merc with a mouth will hold nothing back in his movie. I love the way Ryan Reynold's tells Mario the Wade Wilson we saw in Wolverine Origins was not Deadpool at all! We can finally bury that atrocity once and for all.f

cringe worthy....
cringe worthy....

I can't get over how awesome this marketing was and whats to come prior to the movies release next year. The marketing this movie will do is going to be amazing no doubt about it. I do feel for Mario of course that seemed to be quite a hit but oh well that's what Wilson is all about!


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Deadpool arrives in theaters February 12th 2016, the film will be directed by Tim Miller and stars Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

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