ByEthan Braunberger, writer at

Hey guys, its Ethan and today I'm gonna tell you something that happened last night. I currently am hanging out with my family and a friend at my grandparent's cabin up in the woods. The cabin itself is on top of a hill and it overlooks a huge and beautiful forest, yet at night time it tends too get a little spooky. Me and my friend were sitting in front of a fire just hanging out. This all was around 3 in the morning so it was pretty dark. I had my earphones in and was listening to I Am Machine by Three Days Grace. (I love that song. If you don't know about it I highly recommend listening too it.) My friend decided he was gonna go to sleep, and I just stayed out there. The weather was nice and I was enjoying the dark. After about 30 or so minutes I looked down into the woods and saw some sort of tall figure. It was really weird but I just ignored it. After about 10 minutes it got closer so I decided too just go inside. It was getting cold anyway. Anyway, hope you guys have a good rest of your day. Also, have a happy Humpday.


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