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Ryan Wardak

So this week on the flash had an amazing episode with mark hamill reprising his roll as the trickster from the 1990's flash series also well known as his role as luke skywalker in the star war series. The tricksters episode was very well reinstated from the comic books with with there being a second trickster after mark hails trickster was captured by the police. But too even all the amazing episode my favorite part was when it was revealed harrison wells is not how he actually looks and eobart thawne when he got stuck in the past really tracked the real Dr.Wells and drained his blood out of his body so he could look and think like the actual Dr.wells.

The Reverse Flash!
The Reverse Flash!

I think the shows direction in the tv series is really awesome very true too the comics and just an awesome show I'm really glad this show is getting a season 2!

but back on topic. The big thing is I'm asking myself? when is barry gonna figure out what eobart thawne actually looks like and when he is gonna describe his plan to the flash team!

Don't forget the Flasg returns tuesdat april 14th!


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