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My Top Three Franchises/Series

Number 3: Kingdom Hearts (1,2)

When one game captures and moves me it's definitely an easy pick. Kingdom Hearts isn't overly complicated by any means. However it's whimsical way of capturing Disney and putting a Final Fantasy/ Kingdom Hearts twist is enough to get my blood pumping. I don't even need the side games to capture me because this two games along were enough for now. There is still a pretty noticeable gap of what's capable. The introduction to Nobodies for example. It gave me great alternatives to some Final Fantasy characters like Axel. Some characters of course return such as Squall and Cloud. I enjoyed seeing Sora's adventure to once again find Kari and in the second game she gets a bit into the action near the end as well. What still gets me is Sora's reaction to his own Nobody Roxas. I'll admit that is primarily the music that does carry such an intense mood and sometimes that is all I need. The reaction that baffled me was his encounter with Riku. He gets on his knees and starts crying. I was again simply baffled.

After watching a video about something irrelevant I realizes that sometimes its good to have over the top reactions like this one. Most realistic people would have a hard time trusting him after toying with Sora. At first all I thought was 'that's stupid.' Now when I see this seen I see a hint of brilliance. The main character swerves from what we expect to be the result of the encounter. He was willing to dig that deep down to have it back and it's not the first time. Recall one of the members asked that he begged and again with most people pride would dictate them not to. However Sora is willing to sacrifice pride for his friends and that speak volumes. A moment like this makes me appreciate the game even more and I can't wait to see how they top it off in the third game.

Number 2: Resident Evil (1,2,3,4, Revelations 1 2)

It can be helped calling out line for line of classic Resident Evil lines like, "I have this." or, "You were almost a Jill Sandwich." Resident Evil was a game that brought horror to the next level. I enjoyed the classics as a kid and seeing it return in Revelation 2 puts a smile on face. These games have a lot more moments. I found myself invested in the atmosphere and being chased by Nemesis to keep it going. It was my lack of experience that made any first run a unique experience. However most fans argue that Resident Evil 5 and 6 would not be the franchises best. However I'll admit there were some small parts in 5 and fewer in 6 that got me. And I won't lie the Raid/Mercenary mode was a blast in 6. Sure the style had changed but that mode alone was alright enough to at least mention. The Revelations games brought it back for a lot of people giving the classic atmosphere a new feel. These games will surely always mean something to me.

Metal Gear

I don't think I've ever played a Metal Gear game I didn't like. This Franchise went form being a simple 2D stealth game. To being they best sneaking franchise to ever come out. Seeing characters like Snake and company grow that way they did was just immense. The game the hit the nail on the hammer for most players is the third game. It's the first in chronological order and just the amount of options in this game were enough to have me try different tactics. There were plenty of hidden gems as well. Metal Gear 4 was called the last in the chronological order and the pure emotion of this game for me over weighed some of its stranger short comings. For me a game is strong when it achieve this level. Even if there were plot holes I still feel so invested that I just want to ride on the adventure time and again. With Metal Gear 5's release I'm eagerly awaiting the return of the Boss.

Honorable Mention goes to... Digimon World

These Franchise Might have had the biggest number and already talked about his short comings before. However I can't deny that this Franchise dared to be different each time and for that it's holds a different place in my heart. That is whenever people complain the next game was just like that last in almost every way, I can say not Digimon World. Sure it didn't rely on the Digimon being strong characters but it tried to be different each time. This is why I feel so compelled to be apart of a writing team for Digimon World 6. It's still a dream I have though I know it will most likely never come true.

And Last mention: Sonic The Hedgehog

The reason I put this here is because it's a game that's been even more fire then Digimon. It's had misses so gaping the a lot of people consider the franchise dead. Again here I would applaud Sonic after it's great run it actually tried to do something different. To me this is proof that a lot more people don't want change. To be honest I don't even think Sonic Heroes was that bad a game, sure it had its flaws but no game is without flaw. The only two things I really found wrong was the battle system and it was a little bit short. That's really about it, other then that I actually find the team stuff amusing and we see four different stories come together. The music is completely on point. Unleashed is another one were they had him transform and had combat sections. Again it has flaws like the town sections drag on for a bit and again the overall game is a bit short. I think the over reaction to some of the games have hurt it greatly which is a shame because I wouldn't mind more Sonic the Hedgehog. Or my and probably several other want this as well a Scourge the Hedgehog video game.


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