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Released in May 2000, Dinosaur is about a young Iguanadon and his adopted family and their journey of survival following the comet crash, with danger only one step behind.

This is one of Disney's lesser known films, and one I have not watched since I saw it in the cinema 15 years ago. It could be seen as a cross between The Lion King and the BBC series Walking With Dinosaurs, blending live action and animation for stunning results, though oddly was not considered part of the Disney canon until 2008. It received mixed reviews on release for having a weak storyline despite being a hit at the box office, listing in the top 5 films of the year.

Personally I found the story to be engaging and upbeat with a strong moral, no one gets left behind if you dice, not your fate! Aladar is a strong yet kind protagonist, standing up for the less capable and for the wellbeing of the herd. I also like the fact that there aren't any real villains in the piece, just stubborn characters and desperate carnivores. It's a shame that it has been overlooked for so long as it is a truly brilliant piece of cinematography.


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