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I have been reading a lot of Avengers titles lately so when I saw on that a new title called Avengers: Millennium #1 was being released today I had to check it out. How was it? Not bad.

The comic starts with Quicksilver running across the ocean to get to Avengers Tower. When alerted of Quicksilver's presence Tony Stark sends Hawkeye and Spider-man to help Quicksilver because he's completely out of energy from running so fast.

After eating a hamburger Quicksilver has his energy back and he tells why he was in such a hurry to reach the Avengers; he and Scarlet Witch took a vacation to Japan where she felt something "huge and unnatural" underneath them. Is it Godzilla? No, it turns out to be a group of Hydra members staking out underground. Scarlet Witch stayed behind while Quicksilver went for help.

The Avengers assemble (sorry I had to) and head to Japan where, through communications with Scarlet Witch, they locate the Hydra base. With relative ease they storm the base and subdue the Hydra members. While searching the base Black Widow finds what attracted Scarlet Witch to the area in the first place: a time portal.

The comic ends with Spider-man asking why Hydra hasn't used the portal to go back in time and change the past to which Captain America answers, "Because they've seen the future...and they know they win."

This first issue was all in all a good start. It did a good job of setting up the story for the rest of the series, and showcasing the roster for this Avengers title. The banter between Spider-man and Hawkeye was funny to read, as well as Black Widow's exasperation with the two of them.

I was disappointed that Thor was absent in this issue, I expected to see him since he his on the cover, but hopefully he'll show up next issue. There wasn't a lot of character development, but that's understandable seeing as it's only the first issue. Also the art work didn't hit me as anything special, but it wasn't terrible to look at, maybe it will grow on me as the series goes on. I recommend Avengers: Millennium #1 to fans of The Avengers, and anyone who wants a quick and fun read.


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