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Last week’s episode of Arrow featured both beginnings, endings and a bit more convolution of the in-between.

We saw the exit of Deadshot, the woes of Maseo, the marital reunion of the Diggles’, and the development of Olicity once more.

Initially, I was thrown that Oliver wasn’t committed to Diggle’s wedding, as part of the ploy to showcase his distractions and warped view of relationships. Ultimately, this was the first in a series of upsets, that had the question of happily ever afters, balancing on a knife’s edge, the entire episode.

With a brief mention of Laurel’s canary training with Nyssa over and done with, the episode continued with a contagiously cheerful Ray inciting jealousy in Oliver, by being everything he can’t be, to both the Diggles’ and Felicity.

Oliver, wanting Felicity to have a normal life, finds out about Ray secret life, but yet to be defined, is whether it is Felicity he’s angry at, or Ray for being the stable one. He is seemingly giddy upon discovering Ray is a ticking time-bomb for vengeance.

This episode revolved around the routes of acceptance. The irony that Deadshot was saved by being a part of the suicide squad, could predict Oliver’s future embracement - minus the suicide that disappears without the barrier of dishonesty between he and Felicity.

Ra’s al Ghul’s plan to turn the city against the hood, ultimately fails to sway a stubborn Oliver thus far, and it is up to Maseo to target Felicity, to force his acceptance - both to the role, and who he is. With the episode’s cliffhanger ending, we are left to wonder if Maseo is acting on behalf of his master, or as a result of his own past.

Oliver will be forced to make the decision to protect what he loves most, but is a happy ending in sight upon this acceptance? After all, a new master, new rules.

With threats more and more frequently coming from outside Starling City, could Oliver benefit from relocating his headquarters?

Meanwhile does Lyla’s exit from the Suicide Squad, allow a gateway for a bigger focus on new arcs? Or will Amanda Waller be as stubborn as Ra’s Al Ghul? Cue throwbacks to Oliver’s time in China.

With Maseo as the hood, will Oliver be more trapped than ever? or will he take the opportunity to be free? Is accepting this life; taking note from Deadshot’s comparable stability, be the only way to open the paths to happiness and love?

With this week’s episode airing within the hour for East Coasters, which direction will Oliver take a step towards?


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