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If you're reading this, then you are like me, a fanatic of movie outtakes. These come in the form of our favorite comedies or surprisingly in the most serious of dramas. I've seen countless hours of great blooper footage and so, here is the very best of bloopers in TV and film. (not in order)

Anchorman 2

Lets start off with one of the very best movie bloopers out there. Raking in nearly 15 minutes of pure gold, this video is quality viewing if you're in need of some laughs.

The Lego Movie

Possibly the smartest bloopers on this list and also Will Ferrell's second entry on the list. These bloopers are truly great and worth watching til the end for Batman and Emmett's sketch on having "just arms from an armchair". Great stuff.

Parks and Recreation (season 6)

Parks and Recreation is one of the funniest and smartest comedies of recent years and as you may know, it ended earlier this year. The show has produced some comedy gold in bloopers but my personal favorite is the season 6 bloopers which were absolutely hilarious and almost 10 minutes long which is great for any P&R fan.

Breaking Bad (season 5)

The first drama on the list is arguably the best drama in TV history and is not iconic for its comedy, but when it comes to bloopers it is one of the best. Cranston being a hilarious guy and Aaron Paul just being awesome makes for great comedy. Well worth checking out all the others seasons too!


Scrubs is one of the best comedies ever made and so with that honor, there is obviously going to be great bloopers. The video above has every blooper from every season. Enjoy.

I Love You, Man

Jason Segel and Paul Rudd are two of today's top funny men. Playing best friends in this great bro-com movie, it also comes with great bloopers for fans of the movie!

Step Brothers

Will Ferrell is back again for a third time on the list and deservedly so. Just watch the video and you'll understand why.

21 Jump Street

These bloopers are almost as funny as the movies, mainly because Tatum and Hill have such a bromance in chemistry which makes the outtakes even funnier.

How I Met Your Mother (full)

Do you have lots of time on your hand? Do you want a 55 minute boredom-solver? Then the HIMYM bloopers are for you with all seven seasons bloopers in one glorious video. Well worth multiple watches.


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