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Now that it is officially April, many broadcast TV shows on the bubble nervously wait for word to come on whether they will make the cut.

There are shows like NBC's "Law and Order: SVU" that were renewed relatively early.

Of course, there are also the shows that are long gone.

In all, there are about 30 shows on the Big Five networks that have SOME doubt as to whether or not they'll be returning.

Some, like "[Castle](series:714842)" and "Bones" seem very strong bets to return, if those involved want to ensure another season or two at reasonable budgets.

Other shows like "[Constantine](movie:874314)" and "Galavant", seem extremely unlikely to have any more TV episodes green lit.

Then there are the true toss ups. Ones that truly have substantive arguments for and against them returning.

"[Marvel's Agent Carter](series:1119765)" is one such show - and it's fans could learn it's immediate fate next week!

According to "Kdramastars":

Fans of Marvel's "Agent Carter" might be in for a pleasant surprise, or a jarring disappointment. Although it has yet to be confirmed if the series will be renewed or cancelled, recent rumors claim that ABC will be releasing an official statement next week.

Indeed, according to "Venture Capital Post", there is a "big possibility" that "Agent Carter" will be given a second season - though that is by no means a slam dunk:

Although the series had failed to live up to the network's expectations, in terms of ratings, it was said that the executive producers were willing to give it another shot.

Of course, Disney/Marvel/ABC higher-ups will have the final say and "Kdramastars" had earlier reported rumors saying that the show would be cancelled:

From a planned 13-episode series, the show had been cut down to eight. Though both the show's premiere and finale episode garnered over a skyrocketing 4 million views, the show is still below approval compared to the other programs.

Actually, ratings that gradually declined form it's premiere are the ONLY reason "Marvel's Agent Carter" (hereafter referred to simply as "Agent Carter" is in any danger of cancellation.

However, there are quite a few reasons why the show will likely be given a second season:

1.) The ratings slid a bit from her premiere, but never to the point it the show was considered a disaster.

this is the reason the show's fate is such a toss-up. The opening 2-hour premiere (basically 2 episodes in one night, which may have been a mistake in retrospect) drew 6.91 million viewers. The next week, a little under 2 million people found something else to do, as 5.1 million viewers watched. THIS big drop was the first sign that there may be concerns with the future of the show, as ratings continued to slowly drop for Episode 4 (4.63 million viewers) and Episode 5 (4.2 million viewers).

It was with the fifth episode that the ratings stabilized, likely due to the fact that it had Peggy Carter showing what she could do and meeting up with the Howling Commandos. This had to create some good word of mouth.

As a result, Episode 6 ticked upward with 4.25 million viewers, Episode 7 had 4.15 million and Episode 8 finished the shows first season with 4.02.

2.) Though the ratings were not blockbuster, "Agent Carter did regularly finish no worse than second or third in both it's time slot and among the coveted 18-49 demographic.

3.) Marvel desperately wants to have more female leads in it's cinematic universe.

4.) The show got an incredible 97% "Fresh" rating from Rotten Tomatoes and seems to have hardcore fans.

5.) Hayley Atwell seems to have developed a following of her own and has begun making convention appearances, which should boost her profile.

6.) The character is appearing in " [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035)", which shows Kevin Feige and Company feel she is an important part of the fabric of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

7.) being in such a huge film could create a "bounce" for "Agent Carter" in viewership the same way the core characters' solo films each drew more fans.

8.) ABC President Paul Lee is "optimistic" about the show.

9.) After only one announced female solo film announced until 2019, the Powers that be may not want to give the impression they are killing what is an appealing female-led series in the crib.

10.) Marvel just published "Operation S.I.N.", which features carter and rumors are sales are good enough for an "Agent Carter" comic book series, which could cause more people to be aware of the TV show, which could make more people aware of the comic...Disney/[Marvel](channel:932254) are the masters of synergy, aren't they?

Here's to hoping we get more episodes of "Agent Carter" to enjoy!


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