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First read David the Blogger's gawd awful review of INSURGENT, then watch the video of Paulie Popcorn ripping it apart:

INSURGENT, the sequel to Divergent is out! This is one new movie release that us Veronica Roth fans were waiting for! INSURGENT stars right where DIVERGENT left off. Directed by Robert Schwentke, the movie starts right off with Tris (Shailene Woodley), Four ( Theo James), Peter (Miles Teller), and Caleb (Ansel Elgort) hiding out in the outskirts of town after the attack on Jeanine (Kate Winslet) in DIVERGENT. And they are plotting their next move! So buckle up Young Adulters, it's gonna be a rollercoaster of a ride! Just minus the loops, the corkscrews, and a giant drop.

In INSURGENT, we find out that Kate Winslet has survived the Titanic and has discovered some relic hidden in Tris's parental figures house. And it's not Leonardo DiCaprio! The relic suppose to contain some knowledge droppin' from the founding fathers of their system. But it can only be opened by a Divergent. But not any Divergent. Guess who? The one and only, Tris!

This new movie release has little more action than the one before. We got some fantasical virtually-reality puzzles that Tris has to conquer. She jumping, leaping, surviving fires, breaking glass, and crying. Oh and there are some shootouts where Tris and Four are being hunted by some of the Dauntless, and is led by some dillweed who thinks he's the toughest guy on the block. Well, Four eventually show him up in one of the scenes. Miles Teller is so out of place in this movie now since watching him in WHIPLASH. He's just miles ahead of the rest of the boring actors in INSURGENT

I guess my biggest beef with INSURGENT is the constant need to show the love between Tris and Four. After an action scene, they kiss. Another action scene, they hold hands. After some running, they decide to walk and talk about their endless love. Ugh, it was so sweet, I wanted to inject myself with insulin. Just get back to the virtually-reality again! At least show Tris shooting a gun at something! Or gives us more scenes with uptight Jeanine. One surprise to me was the introduction of Evelyn (Naomi Watts) as the head of the classless group. Not even Naomi Watts' star power could boost this movie.

To go back to my roller coaster analogy in the beginning of this review, I guess INSURGENT is the equivalent to the kids roller coaster at an amusement park. Just a few little hills to give us some pleasure. And throughout the movie, I was hoping Leonardo would somehow walk around the corner, and reunite with Kate Winslet. Spoiler alert: It never happened

All in all, INSURGENT is slightly better than DIVERGENT. More of the same. Roth fans will love the movie. The rest of us will be entertained.

I give it a RENT!


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