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Justice has a number
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May 1, Is just around the corner to the M.C.U's next film Avengers Age of Ultron. This next film could use some little hints on Marvel's Phase III.

Re-watch the Magnificent third trailer for [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035)!

1) Iron Man

Cameos in the M.C.U are not rare, to Sam Jackson's epic Nick Fury cameo at the end of Iron Man to the evil and powerful Thanos at the end of [The Avengers](movie:9040)

Iron Man (2008)

The Avengers (2012)

2) Spider-man

Since the announcement of the freedom of Spider-man's Justice from Sony everyone has been wanting, asking and recasting Spider-man to be an Avenger. We will be happy for him to be in the M.C.U but hard for us to chose The Captain's side or Iron Man's

2) Captain America will or might be Assassinated

By This guy.....

Ordered by this guy

It may or may be possible for the Captain to die in Captain America 3, however Cap almost died in Winter Soldier and fans will or might be bored with going through that again. Or if that does happen and Cap dies he'll just be resurrected as in a show we all know and love.

4) Crossover with Agents of Shield

Since the aftermath of the Battle of New York, (Avengers) The strange universe thing in London, ([Thor: The Dark World](movie:206462)) To the end and fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. It may be likely that somehow something will happen with AoS and AAoU.

5) Coulson's Big Performance

Since the 'death' [air quotes in the air] of Coulson some of the Avengers will have questions of how he died and came back to life.

How he Died....

How he Came Back to Life.

So it really doesn't matter if Cap dies or not if he does Coulson will just give him some of his blood and he'll be even more 'Inhuman'

Witch Side Will You Be Joining in Captain America 3: Civil War?


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