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Phase 4?

There has been recent speculation that Marvel, Sony, and Fox will be teaming up for Phase four! After Infinity wars story line, companies could collide as X-men meet Avengers, Deadpool meets Wolverine, Dr.Strange meets Ghost rider, and more! Although this is speculation, it seems likely for this to happen for Sony has already teamed up with Marvel for the upcoming Spider-man films and hopefully Captain America 3: Civil war. Once again this is completely speculation.

Upcoming Movies - Suicide Squad

Heads up! The Suicide Squad is coming in 2016! If you have never heard of this team or don't care much for them you are going to change your mind as soon as you finish reading. These anti-heroes are the sickest, most bad-ass team ever to come to the pages of a comic book.

Amanda Waller, the current head of A.R.G.U.S and morally grey agency who does whatever they can no matter what it is to keep villains off the street. Waller assembles a large team of (mainly) low key (As in not the Joker, or Lex Luthor) but dangerous rouges. These rouges have to comply with what A.R.G.U.S says or their heads get blown off. Literally. Micro bombs are implanted in their necks which is controlled by Waller. Characters can die off easily unlike the JLA or LSH (Legion of Super Heroes) knowing your character aren't immortal really makes it more exiting. The Suicide squad movie is consisted of:

  • Deadshot: A hit man sniper with a robotic enhanced eye who has kills people with almost a 100% accuracy. Deadshot will be portrayed by Will Smith, I'm not crazy about the casting Deadshot should be a cold loner, but Will Smith is a funny people person.
  • Harley Quinn: A therapist who falls in love with the joker and jumps into the same chemicals that gave joker his insanity. Harley Quinn loves the joker with all her heart, yet the joker would be as quick to kiss her as to shoot her. Her main weapons are a giant hammer, whip, and gun but what really makes her deadly is her agility. You wouldn't want a psychotic, clown, dressed like a stripper, carrying a giant hammer running after you! Although, she is insane and hilarious she has a certain sadness that makes her more than a 2D character. Harley Quinn will be Portrayed by Margot Robbie, I believe that she will be a great Harley, mainly because she's a great actor.
  • Captain boomerang: An Australian assassin who uses boomerangs. Although he sounds lame he's one of the most deadly cut throat villains of all time. He is completely intrust worthy and is a well known double agent, sociopath, and liar. Captain Boomerang will be portrayed by Jai Courtney, I have never seen him in anything, but he's Australian so it will be great!
  • Joker: Although I am a crazy fan of the joker he doesn't belong with the Suicide Squad, he's a level A villain surrounded by level C villains(no offense level C villains). If you need to know who the joker is, just stop reading my blog. The Joker is portrayed by Jared Leto, he might pull it off, but , no pretty boy can play joker.
  • Enchantress: The enchantress is a part of the more magical part of the DC universe her powers are mainly energy manipulation, healing, teleporting, and control over non-living objects. If enchantress doesn't use her magical ability's on a regular basis she hulks out, if you catch my drift... The enchantress is portrayed by Cara Delevingne a super model/actress (do I need to say anything else?).
  • Rick flag: Although Amanda Waller runs the suicide squad she doesn't go on the actual missions, that is the job for Rick flag . If there was a good guy on the suicide squad it would be Rick flag so he works as a monitor for the suicide squad and he reports back to Waller. Rick flag will be portrayed by Tom hardy who is best know for Bane and the upcoming movie Mad Max.

The amazing thing about the sucicde squad is that it can crossover with ANY and EVERY DC character. Literally.


Who is your Favorite character from suicide squad?

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