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It was mid morning and the breeze was blowing through Juliet's beautiful brown locks of hair. Juliet paused for a moment noticing a subtle change. The birds chirped and the wind blew, but something wasn't right. As she looked out over the 8 acre field she called her front yard something caught her eye.

It appeared to be a man, however something wasn't right. He was stumbling, tripping on air and fumbling over words. He was around 100 yards out when she began to hear his cries.

Juliet, unsure who the man was grabbed a knife and water and ran to him.

"Sir? Sir?! Are you alright?!" she yelled

His reply was faint and unrecognizable.

As she ventured closer her stomach turned. A combination of nerves and a foul scent was the perfect mixture for a good upchuck. However she stayed calm and carried on in hopes of helping this strange man. As they became closer she saw he was bleeding. Her motherly instincts sent her bolting forward to assist the man.

"Sir, are you ok?" She repeated

All she could make out of what the man said was a simple "no!".

What happened next would change the way the earth rotated. It was no longer rotating around her big head, now it was rapidly twisting around a world she no longer understood.

Now the two are a few feet away and she can see him clearly. She recognized him as the man that waited the local dinner. He's wearing torn up blue jeans and a shredded white shirt that now appeared red. He was muttering something under his breath that Juliet couldn't understand. As she approached the man he fell to the ground and put both hands on his chest and began to yell at the top of his lungs.

"They are hear!!! We are done!!! The infection can not be stopped!!! Run! Take your things and run!!!" He shouted as he pulled a rod out of his chest and rammed it through himself.

Taken back by the events that had just unfolded she gripped her knife tightly. She slowly slid back and sat down. With no emotions on her face and tears streaming, she was in utter shock. She lied on her back and looked up at the once beautiful, now grey sky, and wept.


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