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Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere. -Albert Einstein
Tom Meadows're sightseeing on a far distant alien planet. Learning of their culture and how their economy spins on both the rich and poor inhabitants. You finish your 'tour' and board your ship. The next're traversing terrain on an uncharted world that holds unknown wonders and hostility. It could be fellow humans looking for a fight, or even an alien species that want to take everything you have. The day after're traversing a post apocalyptic wasteland that belongs to slavers, thieves and psychopaths. And the day after're raiding a lost cavern of previously extinct beings. Another day, another adventure.

Thus is what lies in the Mass Effect reality. Every species has the ability to travel long distances between solar systems and possibly even universes that are never uneventful. Every day, every a completely different adventure waiting to happen. The possibilities are endless. Whither you want to live life by the law or live with your own law, life would never have a boring day.

If I want to have a Mad Max/Fallout type experience through a ravished world of ruins and danger, then I would travel to Tuchanka and attempt to make it from point A to point B in one piece. Or if I want to go one on one with a creature the size of a city, I would hunt Thresher Maws on Tuchanka as well.

And when the days over...I board my ship, get some sleep, and I can become a futuristic Tomb Raider the very next day. Unlocking the secrets to a forgotten civilization one ancient clue at a time. Searching for the undiscovered messages hidden away at every corner of the galaxy.

If I feel the need for a place that will keep me fighting every second of the way, attempting my best to survive from day to day in a cut throat space port that is the embodiment of the phrase: "The strong overpowers the weak" then I would look no further than Omega. It lies outside the jurisdiction of universal law and resides just over the border of the most dangerous area of the solar system.

If I'm in the mood for some chaotic street raging like in Saint's Row or Grand Theft Auto...then I'll just go back home to Earth and begin reigning chaos everywhere I go. Maybe even score some good loot along the way. Would be good fun with the armor and weapons that they have.

(Only footage that I could find of Earth just before it was attacked)

Becoming part of either the Corsairs or Cerberus would seal the deal for a life equal to that of Solid Snake. Nothing but mission after mission of "Zero tolerance for failure" black operations outside of universal law that must have the result that no one ever knew you were there. Much like the second Mass Effect game, Shepherd and his crew were fighting to save the galaxy from the Collector's and only very few in the entire universe even knew that it was happening.

Darkness and endless horror awaits those who want an encounter like what took in place in Ridley Scott's Alien. Once extinct, the Rachni were some of the most feared aliens in space. It took the brute force of the Krogans to wipe them out and keep them from overrunning the universe. They hunt anything and everything that moves and are as numerous as ants. Finding a Rachni inhabited world or a space ship that has been overrun by them would be a truly frightening experience for any Xenomorph fan. Although they do not look like much, they like to hide in vents and airducts and come out when least expected like the Xenomorphs do.

The technology that is possible in Mass Effect is more than enough to rope any science fiction fan in. Not only do they exceed in weaponry and armor, but the capabilities of implants, technology, and synthetics can enable the average person to be superhuman.

Now Soldiers are the definition of Brute Force in combat. They can use any weapon you put in their hands, and they can also use any type of special ammo. But human capabilities don't end there. Which is where Biotics and Techs come into play.

Biotics possess great power that allows them to use all kinds of abilities to their advantage. Along with basic levitation and telekinesis abilities, they are also capable of certain abilities depending on their classification. Biotic classes consist of the following:

Adepts are full on Biotic Experts. Adepts can send powerful shockwaves that can leave enemies open for an attack or even kill them. They can also spawn a Singularity which is like a miniature black hole which is best for taking out multiple enemies at once.

Vanguards use their Biotic powers to their advantage in close quarters combat. Their utilization of short range Biotics allows them to use a powerful head on charge equal to that of a semi truck.

A Techs power capabilities are all at their fingertips on their Omni-Tools. Tech classes consist of the following:

Engineers are the Tech Specialists. They can hack synthetic enemies to fight with them, summon a combat drone, disrupt enemy shields, and demolish armor.

Infiltrators are THE expert snipers/assassins. Their special ability is an invisible cloak that allows them to line up the perfect shot as well as close in for a quick kill.

At the equilibrium of Biotic and Tech lies Sentinels. Although they do not have the same level of expertise with Biotics or Techs as the specialists, their combination of the two's most basic abilities make them more than capable of holding their own in a fight. They also have a significant power on their own. By combining their advanced shields with the Biotic barrier, they can generate Tech Armor which gives them a significant defense advantage.

Along with Biotic implants and Tech Experts there is another variation of the two which utilizes synthetic augmentations. They are known as Slayers and Shadows Much like what was used on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, these augments give the user more agility, stamina, as well as either Biotic or Tech abilities. Because of their increased agility these synthetic limbs are best used with a sword. Along with this added melee, they can also use the sword to channel Biotic or Tech abilities. Turning a single sword into a weapon of devastating power. Another difference between the two is, as their names imply, a Shadow relies on stealth whereas a Slayer is head on assault.

What I have specified above is only the tip of the iceberg of the capabilities that a human possess in the Mass Effect universe. With time and training, one could be the baddest man or woman in the universe.

Just to add icing to the cake, think about this for a moment. Now just to be clear I'm no space expert so I'm only using examples of numbers. Our galaxy has over 1 million star clusters. Every cluster has over 100 solar systems. Every solar system, minus the gas giants, has about 4 planets that we can land on. So if you do the math using these numbers....that means that there are over 400 million different planets that can be traversed... Can you imagine that? 400 million...

It truly can be a never ending story....


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