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Tim Slagle

I would want to live in the semi post apocalyptic world of fictional US InFamous style game. I would give myself Cole McGrath's lightning and ice powers. Knowing how to use them properly would come in handy. In such a world there would be plenty of criminals running around to flex my powers on. Not to mention a bunch of people I could possibly turn into allies.

Just imagine if you've played InFamous, you'd know all about Cole McGrath and his origin story of how he got his powers. If you kept playing you'd know about the beast. And going even further into the series you'd know about the D.U.P. (Department of Unified Protection) and what Delsin Rowe did to them in Seattle.

Falling down derelict buildings, tough streets, having the ability to climb on said buildings. Heck even having the ability to glide via whichever elemental thrusters from your hands that you have. Even if it wasn't a place to live permanently, imagine you have an all inclusive vacation activity set that would put you in a series of CONTROLLED circumstances, much like the movie THE GAME starring Michael Douglas. Or if you prefer a more modern view kind of like a live action zombie walk. Knowing you cant hurt anyone too badly and knowing you can't be hurt, too badly, you could have a great go of it. Though in a vacation scenario you'd lose your powers after you leave.

For me PERSONALLY though I'd like to live there, although more like the 2nd Son game and not like InFamous 1 or 2 where theres plague and sick people all over. I'd rather have a clear cut look at my place in the world, and only have the D.U.P. to handle. That way you don't have to worry about being shot in the back by a reaper on the street if you're just walking around.

Well I hope it was a good read.


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