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Some kids wanted a golden ticket, but I wanted my acceptance letter to Hogwarts!

In some way, I'm sure many of us wished we were lucky enough to get that special letter on our eleventh birthday! Let's say we did... what would it have been like for you?

Let's start from the beginning!

After receiving your acceptance letter, you're on your way to Diagon Alley! Strolling down the alley with a joyful companion (hopefully as wonderful as Hagrid) you'd pass by various shops full of bits and bobs, looking around in amazement as you see owls, fellow wizards and witches, and that shiny Nimbus 2000! Unfortunately, first years aren't allowed their own broomsticks, but you are allowed to bring either an owl, cat, or toad!


Which pet would you bring?

After gathering all of your supplies at Diagon Alley, it's time to get onto Platform 9 ¾ and board the Hogwarts Express! During the ride, the Honeydukes Express trolley would come along. Assuming that you're not sitting with someone who can buy the whole lot, you'd have to choose just one sweet.


Which one would you want to try the most?

After hopping off of the Hogwarts Express, you'll be greeted by none other than Hogwarts' gamekeeper, Rubeus Hagrid. Soon after that, you'll be getting in small, magical boats leading to Hogwarts! Once inside, you'll then be welcomed to Hogwarts by Head of the Gryffindor House, Professor Minerva McGonagall. She announces that you'll be joining your classmates in the Great Hall, but first you must be sorted into your house. Your house will be like your family. Each one prizes certain traits, such as...

  • Gryffindor - Bravery, Chivalry, Determination, Strong Willed
  • Hufflepuff - Hard Working, Patient, Loyalty, and Dedication
  • Ravenclaw - Wit, Intelligence, Individuality, and Creativity
  • Slytherin - Cunning, Resourcefulness, Ambition, and Self-Preservation


Which house would you want to be in?

After chowing down in the Great Hall and having a good night's rest, you're ready to begin your classes at Hogwarts! There are seven classes in total required for first year students.


Which class would be your favorite?

After hopping from class to class throughout the week (remember, it's leviOsa!), it's finally Saturday and you have time to relax! The possibilities are endless when you're at Hogwarts!


How would you rather spend your free time?

There's about a million and one different things to do at Hogwarts, but this is all for now. So what were your choices? Let me know in the comments!

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