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Our beloved Evan Peters, popular for his role on FX's ''American Horror story'' has quit acting. In a recent Q&A he remarked,

''To answer the repeated question whatever or not I will be on Season 5 of American horror story, I'd just like to put out there I won't. I actually am done with acting. I've had a amazing four years on this show and now I would just like to settle down with my fiance and maybe study taxidermy.''

Our reporter of course questioned his sudden interest in taxidermy and he surprised us by telling us this interest isn't so sudden.

''I've always been interested in taxidermy. Forming life into deceased things has always been poetic to me. Perhaps my time on AHS has increased my interest in the art, but I've always wanted to do it. Now I feel like I can.'' (Laughs)

Our young heartthrob also made some remarks on a fan who helped his decision on retiring from the acting biz.

''Not only had my interest in the art of taxidermy influence me to quit acting. But I also have some fans who make the job more difficult. Although most fans are loving and awesome, a couple are too attached I feel. Like one name Kaylee.''

Evan refused to discuss anymore about his crazed fans but he promises a restraining order is in the make for his own safety.

So what do you all say? Will AHS still be as good as ever without Evan? Or with the loss of Jessica Lange and now Evan Peters, will the show fall? Let us know what you think!


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