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Copyright 2015 Doll Face Animated Comics TM
Copyright 2015 Doll Face Animated Comics TM

Nemesis: Larke Wilde

If more people cared about the Earth like they did with their phones, maybe, just maybe the Earth wouldn't be such a Toxic Place - Hunter Evergreen

Strengths: Talking to Animals, restore plant life, take on any animal or plant form, master of disguise, she can blend into the environment, she’s very kind, beautiful, climbing trees, using nature for her purposes. Gathers information. Spiritual, can jump from tree to tree! Running. Can shoot vines from her hands and use them to catch people. Grow Trees creating walls!

Weaknesses: Pollution, waste, Forrest Fires, she isn’t much of a talker, Poison, the Whip, Granite, Coal, her Great Aunt. Social issues

When it comes to Hunter Evergreen people pleasing isn’t something she considers worth her time. As a child, Hunter loved going out into the Victory Gardens with her great aunt Hazel Forrester Evergreen. When Hunter was a little “sproutling” her parents had died protecting the Earth from the Wilde Tribe, who’ve been known to destruct the Earth’s core shattering the most beautiful of nature into oblivion. Ever since that fatal day, her great Aunt along with the Keepers of the Earth has watched Hunter grow into a beautiful young woman.

Hunter was as gentle as she was beautiful. Many woods men as well as women have tried hunting her down instead of the animals because they considered her to be much more valuable than the meat they were to provide for their families. Her great aunt Hazel always warned her that when it comes to woods men and women, she must be careful not to fall into any of their traps, no matter how tempting they can be.

She was always told to be careful as she grew up, and being one of the few girls living in the Under Earth she often wondered what these terrifying woods men and women were like. Did they have fangs? Sharp Claws? Did they really have eyes as blue as forget-me-knots which turn a luscious red when it came to trapping? All of this made her more curious as to whom these men and women were.

One day, as Hunter was sitting on top of a tree branch, she caught sight of something interesting. She jumped from tree to tree in order to see what it was only to find it was a young man. Up close he looked like a man, but then she saw him take out a stick from his cloak. This stick was special. It was nicely crafted and carved; she couldn’t take her eyes off it. She went up to the young man and found out he had the power to create, revive, restore, and replenish the earth growth that has been hit by toxic blasts. His powers were magnificent and were very rare.

Hunter and Aspen fall in love, and he takes her to Super Heroine High where they both can study their powers together.


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