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Spyro the dragon is protagonist in the iconic game franchise that debuted in 1998 and follows the adventures of Spyro the dragon as he explores the world he inhabits while helping out friends no matter the trouble or the amount of danger involved.A spyro movie could be a great idea and a great big screen adventure for fans of the game and casual movie goers.

A Spyro animated film was proposed back in 2007 and the film rights had already been purchased by the "animation picture company", Daniel and Steven Altiere had written a script for the project which was going to be released and based on the legend of spyro trilogy.the film was set to be released on Christmas 2009 but ended up being delayed and officially cancelled due to Activision's desire to go in a different direction.

It's unclear how a spyro movie might have done if it had actually been released but one can dream. Activision already announced their intentions to start making films and tv shows based on their game properties.There was even a discussion about a Skylanders movie which is a spin-off of the Spyro games.Despite all of this there is still a chance that there could be a movie since there is still an existing script.


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