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Justice has a number
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Let's go back to the children's classic film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. You have to admit it; you watched this as a child growing up and had a big dream to have a big chocolate factory of your own or go on a chocolate crave.

But what happened to the rotten children that were let go one by one? They were all killed! In the most grizzly deaths ever and no one suspected a thing

Why the Theory?

As a Child; he was deranged, and hated other kids and killed them. Now where have we seen that before?


Or in the Snowmen

As an successful adult he had one more master plan of killing a certain number of rotten children, Charlie a poor child a kind and respectful soul earns Wonka's inheritance to the factory. Nothing else is mentioned about the other children who died.

Why Else do you think The Oompa-Loompas always have a song ready after every mishap?

1) Augustus

Augustus is eventually later goes to the 'Inventing Room.' Now try to imagine this inventing room does it seem peaceful?

2) Violet

Violet; well she blew up.

3) Veruca

Veruca died a horrific death, like the Jews in WWII. When her father got to her it was too late she had already been turned to ashes.

4) Mike

Um this one's hard, i think he just shrunk till he was a speck of dust.

So unlike the 2005 film Willy isn't a killer and we see the kids safe and sound. But if it's possible, the film could have a dark prequel

You are about to get Chills when you see this fan-made trailer.


Do you think The Candy Man was a killer


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