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First time i saw trailer of boyhood ,my mind literally was blown. Here was a man who spent 12 years of his life on i single project, I mean where else you find that much of dedication, even the best movies of our times took less than 6 months to film

And I thought there has to be a really awesome script and cast of actors to have stuck with for more then a decade, which were more or less satisfying as I judged from the trailers once I saw its Rotten tomatoes ratings- 98%. Oh yeah that's true !!!

I mean was the movie really that good, after watching the movie I felt tile those 2 and half hours sort of stolen away from me. Yes that was a movie about growing up and coming of age dramas , but surely there are lot more better movies that this.

Even Christopher Nolan went on to say its his best movie of the year(although Interstellar wasn't that Epic) and so did many other directors. Are we only considering the fact that yes the Director had loads of patience to carry on a project for 12 years, sticking to it while others would have given up or gone astray in their vision.Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Matrix Trilogy, took more or less 5-6 years to complete , surely half as compared to Boyhood , but we sure did had some awesome story-lines, screenplays and cast of actors at the helm. And how can we forget those groundbreaking CGI. And add to it Harry Potter Series , then there are no words to say more.This movies series in particular id simply awesome.

Even TV series take decades to finish of, closest being two and a half man ,coming of age of course. Game of Thrones has been in pre-production 3 years before it actually started and is slated to go for more seasons.

I thing it is the idea of gimmick that really works here in case of Boyhood, rather then its storyline , because in the end it is the core of any movie in my opinion.


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