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Mirza Mohd S Baig

Honestly, I think Will Ferrell is funny sometimes. And sometimes, he's just not. I really love his Anchorman movies! But sometimes his jokes just get too repetitive to evoke any more laughter. While, Kevin Hart has been growing on me the past few years. And casting both of them together sounds like a recipe of success! Well surely its is!! This movie is based- loosely-on a Rob Schneider movie called 'Big Stan', that was released straight to DVD in 2007-in it, Rob was going to prison and being afraid that he would not survive long, he hired David Carradine to train him in the martial arts. Here, With his fancy cars, palatial residence, and adoring fiance (Alison Brie), millionaire James King (Will Ferrell) seems to have it all. But everything changes in a heartbeat for the senior fund manager when he's convicted of fraud and embezzlement and is handed the strictest possible sentence for the crimes: ten years in a maximum-security penitentiary. Frantic for help in coping with the perils of lockup, King hires straight-laced car wash entrepreneur Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart) to prepare him; King is under the mistaken assumption that the Hollywood Luxury Bubbles owner spent time in jail, simply because of his ethnicity. Desperate for the promised payment of $30,000, and realizing that he only needs to act the part to get the money, Lewis conducts a rigorous regimen of prison scenario reenactments to ready the disgraced investor for life on the inside. Here's a movie that doesn't have to depend on the natural innuendo derived from its title (though suggestive comments are certainly made), since the major premise is to thwart certain prison rape. The subject matter and conversations are blunt and somewhat shocking, yet largely humorous (not that they should be) in the frank exchanges and verbal depictions of anal and oral violations. You've got the funny, slightly weird, everyman, Will Ferrell who constantly brings audiences to tears with his comedic work in movies like Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Step Brothers etc. Then you have the rising box office movie star, stand up genius, one of the funniest guys alive Kevin Hart who shines in buddy movies like Ride Along, About Last Night, The Wedding Ringer, Think Like A Man etc. The pairing of these two actors on the big screen was a match made in the comedic heavens. It has been quite awhile since I have been able to sit in a theater and do nothing but laugh for a movies 100 min run time. From beginning to bittersweet end you will never find a period longer then a very few minutes where you just won't find something to laugh at. Although the way these two actors bring comedy to life may be slightly different, the play off each other exceptionally well in this movie as if they've been working together for years. Not to mention you get two very physical comedic actors who are not afraid to push subjects and themselves for pure entertainment. In my opinion this movie is far superior to Wedding Ringer or Ride Along, so if you enjoyed those, you'll love this. My only complaints for this would be that for a rated R picture, this was still very tame in terms of what these two "could" have brought to the table (wait, maybe I just saw a censored version). Both stars are very good in their roles, with intentional unintelligent and exaggerated facade fitting their routines nicely. And what makes the production even more successful is the decision to include two different fish-out-of-water scenarios. It's outrageous to see Ferrell's representations of overblown stereotypes (plenty of race jokes abound) and just as amusing to see Hart's own delineations of behavior behind bars, born from movies and media rather than experience. Other then that its your run of the mill comedy that brings me back to the days of an early Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey movie; with the laughs that just won't stop. I'd recommend keeping small children at home but other then that it really is a movie guaranteed to make the harshest of hearts smile. Hopefully from this we will start to see Kevin Hart take over as complete lead of a movie and put his acting to the ultimate test. As for Will Ferrell..well what can you say about a guy who pretty much conquers every single role he is offered, except for, I hope to see him in countless more roles. On a side note, for you rap fans out there. T.I. makes a substantial cameo in this movie. Even Alison Brie (Community) looks incredibly sexy & gorgeous! On the whole, Get Hard thrives off fantastical, situational satire embellished by the predictable comedy routines of stars Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. Though it falters when it dives into the extreme humor of the vulgar variety, the chemistry between its leads and the slew of jabs at stereotypes and facades elicits laughs at an impressively steady rate. The premise - and its subsequent utilization of extreme opposites - is clever, but it's the energetic back-and-forth banter between Ferrell and Hart that outshines both the gross-out stunts and the cliche bro mance moments. If you are a fan of Will Ferell & Kevin Hart, you cannot miss this one!


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