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RDJ may have already established himself as a sex symbol for the masses, but he's about to encounter some stiff competition in the form of these jaw-droppingly stunning female-Iron Man cosplayers!

Not only do the following talented fans ooze sex appeal, but their super impressive outfits are some of the finest assembled in the world of cosplay. Look out Pepper Potts - there are some new ladies in town...

The Ironess

[Mara Thalia]

Suited Beauty

[Kemper Fidelis]

Strike While the Iron's Hot

Starkers Enterprising

[Britney Siren]

Blond Bot

Red Steel



Smoldering Iron

BONUS IMAGES: The Ironettes!

You didn't think I'd miss out all the Ironette dancers, did you? Here are some of the sauciest Stark expo dancers that are sure to fry your circuit boards!

Rambunctious Robotics



[Jessica Nigri]

Looks to Kill


Pepper Your Potts

She'll Start A War (Machine)


For Cosplay and Country


Smooth Moves


Double Trouble

[NunaCosplay and OriginalRikku]

Boost-Injected Booty



And just in case any of those didn't tickle your fancy, this hunky scrap of metal sure will...


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