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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Catwoman is by far one of the most alluring characters in all of comic book history, and what better way would there be to celebrate over seventy years of unabated tongue-in-cheek sexuality than a little list of ten of the sexiest cosplayers doing what they do best:

Looking awesome in anything.

So, let's have a look at what the cat dragged in. In... the nicest of ways...


by Yayacosplay

This cosplay aims to take no prisoners! It's a striking effort from Yayacosplay, very well done indeed.


by CosplayButterfly

Not quite a Catwoman cosplay, in the performer's eyes, but is included because it would be interesting to see a simple down played version of the costume.


by Envyus-cosplayer

Photo by Insane-Pencil

Another great take on Arkham City's Catwoman, this cosplay is bursting to the seams with talent!


via Kent01

Based on the Burton classic Batman Returns' Catwoman, this is an incredibly sultry cosplay.


by Sasory

Photo by KinslayeR13

A rare take on Halle Berry's ill-fated Catwoman cosplayed to fantastic effect here. I wonder how she never caught her death from cold scaling buildings in this.


via Blaspheme-the-Chruch

That look: when you know you've got hundreds of eyes on you. Great cos!


by Ivy95

This Catwoman has blown her obsession with The Dark Knight totally out of proportion. Why's she got his cowl and utility belt? What's happened to Batman? Where's her top?!


by BelleChere

This beautiful and curvy cosplayer has smashed her Catwoman performance. Those gloves are rather perturbing...


by Insane-Pencil

Double trouble here for the heroes of Gotham as Catwoman and Harley Quinn have united the legions of cutedom. Such a sweet cos!

and finally...


by ScorpioConceptDesign

A brilliant take on Catwoman from B:TAS. They don't come much hotter than this. Well, apart from the other nine of course.

Which was your favorite?

I couldn't choose myself seeing as they were all quite... collar warming. I'm gonna go for a lie down now.


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