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Now Firstly, Danny Rand Should not be played by an Asian like most people are fighting for, not being racist it's just that Danny Rand was foreign to K'un-Lun and the people of K'un-Lun were of Asian decent, But that's just my opinion.

But back to the reason your here, the man I think that should play The Living Weapon is...

Glen Levy

The Real Living Weapon
The Real Living Weapon

Glen Levy, a New Zealand native, Levy is a stunt actor know mainly for Lord of the Rings, Spartacus and Power Rangers etc. Also was one of the stars of the comedy Auckland Daze.

Besides that Levy has over 5 black belts in different martial art disciplines and is also a grand master in Ninjutsu, which respectively has been deemed one of the greatest martial artists alive, and if that doesn't tickle your fancy which it should but if it doesn't here's one more fact. In 2012 N.A.S.A... yes N.A.S.A measured Levy to have the strongest punch in history, to put it into perspective Mike Tyson's punch measures 1200 PSI or pounds per square inch. Levy's hero Bruce Lee's measures 2000 psi, and Levy's a merely 12,898 psi, yes that much, don't believe me look it up, 6.4 times greater than Bruce Lee's. So he was deemed the Deadliest Man Alive.

But anyway I think that Levy should act as Danny Rand because not only can he pull off the physique of Rand and Martial Art also, his acting and on screen experience would help with the role and really all he needs is some hair dye then he'll be sweet.

But if he doesn't Marvel should hire him for a stunt coordinator.

Thank You for Reading, very much appreciated.


Do you think Glen Levy Could pull off Danny Rand?


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