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These days, active cosplayers aren't letting gender stereotypes restrict them from dressing up as their favorite characters.

All over the world, girls and boys are causing a stir at comic conventions and getting involved in the gender bending cosplay trend. From Batman, to Elsa and Hades, to Thor and the Green Arrow, here are some of the best examples I have ever seen.

Take a look!

1. Rufio!

Redditor smallsqueakytoy did a fantastic job with her spot-on Rufio costume.

2. The Joker

DarknessUniverse wants you to bail her out. Are you going to do it?

Watch the prison scene from the movie below and decide for yourself:

3. Vulcan

Amazing detail, even down to the pointed ears! [Source]

4. Rocket Raccoon

This femme Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy even comes with its own dancing baby Groot. [Source]

5. Hades

Deviant artist Horitsu is a vision in blue.

6. Thor

This Thor is far more curvy than I remember. [Source]

7. Jack Frost and Elsa

Tumblr user zacktherippercosplay posts a picture of him and his friend looking super CHILL!

8. Green Arrow

There is so much detail in this costume, it's insane! Just look at those arm and shin guards! Well done, Its-Raining-Neon!

9. Bane

I guess Bane grew boobs. [Source]

10. Misty

Zahan Kotwal gives Misty some sexy bulging muscles. [Source]

11. Batman

Bad-ass Bat Girl. Amazing effort from this Tumblr user.

12. Storm Trooper

The tattoos just make this even more bad-ass. [Source]

13. Storm

This dude just cross-played Storm and left me absolutely speechless. [Source]

14. Aquaman

Artist Alexa Karii makes for a sensational femme Aquaman.

15. Psycho from Borderlands

I really thought I would never see the day that Psycho became sexy, but I guess I was wrong. [Source]

16. Russell from Up!

Little Russell complete with those colorful helium balloons. [Source]

17. Dr. Doom

Would you let this Dr. Doom conquer you? [Source]

18. Lady Khan from Star Trek

This Tumblr user has got her colors superbly coordinated. [Source]

19. Snape

This cosplay clearly doesn't require that much make-up but the results are just as fantastic. [Source]

Are you impressed?


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