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The show Family Matters is a certified classic. You're probably familiar with Steve Urkel, played by Jaleel White, who became one of the most famous nerds as well as one of the most iconic sit-com characters of all time. Catch phrases like "Did I do that?" and the like carried him to the halls of greatness and glory.

The rest of the cast was pretty good too, to be fair. The show followed a middle-class black family in Chicago and did a pretty good job of not being overly slapstick - well, it got pretty slapstick towards the end, but overall the show ran for nine seasons because it worked. Solid writing, good jokes, and decent storylines... a formula for success.

So, what do the characters from the show look like now? Let's take a look, shall we?

Steve Urkel (played by Jaleel White)

It may seem impossible, but as you can see, Urkel grew up in to a handsome and stylish man. Of course, that's Jaleel White, and the fact that he was able to play a nerd and then move forward successfully as a kind of GQ type dude proves he's talented. He's done some other work since, but hasn't had as much success. He was on Dancing With The Stars in 2012, though, and will forever receive syndication checks from Family Matters. He's currently 38 years old.

Eddie Winslow (played by Darius McCrary)

The much cooler Eddie was more of a ladies man - but kind of a dumb one who was more happy-go-lucky than smart. Darius McCrary played him and most recently was on The Young and the Restless and Anger Management. Like Urkel (Jaleel White), McCrary is 38 years old and still looks pretty much the same. minus the '90s attire and hair styling.

Harriette Winslow (played by JoMarie Payton)

The matriarch and motherly influence on the show, she keeps everything together... kind of. Played by the beautiful JoMarie Payton, she was the take-no-prisoners mom who a lot of people, myself included, could relate with. Payton is now 64 years old and has played a lot of small parts on TV series' and in films. She's currently still an active actress, working on two projects: Jerico and Heart of a Champion.

Carl Otis Winslow (played by Reginald VelJohnson)

Many people may not agree with me, but Carl Winslow is probably the second most memorable character from the show in my book. A sturdy representative of a responsible black father, I enjoyed seeing him on the show. He was played by Reginald VelJohnson who has had a lot of parts since, most recently with a role on TV series [Hart of Dixie](series:755972).

Estelle 'Mother' Winslow (played by Rosetta LeNoire)

The show used Mother Winslow in a really cool way. She was much more hip than you'd expect an old lady to be, frequenting night clubs and reading Rolling Stone magazine, but she also was a strong advocate for black history and reminded the younger people in the family about the struggle of being black when she was growing up. She appeared in 122 episodes of Family Matters and ended up on the Cosby show for an episode, but hasn't had much other work since.

Laura Lee Winslow (played by Kelly Shanygne Williams)

As you can see, the adorable Laura Lee Winslow grew into a stunning woman age the age of 39. She was kind of the exact opposite of Eddie... interested in her future and wanting to be successful while Eddie kind of just chased girls. She was the middle child on the show. Williams hasn't been super busy career-wise since the Family Matters show, but most recently she appeared in Steppin: The Movie as well as a short film called Aide-de-camp.


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