ByNoel Tapsell, writer at

Not everybody will be satisfied with the chosen actors to play their favourite comic book hero's. There have been spot on choices that Hollywood pick, then there has been some really far out misses. For me it's the story line that captures me. It's how the writer's the director and producer's in charge of their film project that can come together to bring a Block Buster film to our screens.

A bit of a hint to them. Come down to see the average person in the streets. Visit Mr or Mrs geek at any Comic Book store's. Read up on people's comments on Facebook or any of those social media moguls, just to get at least a standing platform to produce something at least close to what they want to film.

But I know you can't satisfy everybody. It's a risk and sometimes can be damaging. There may be other factors involved that has to be considered. But if you are going to do a project from a comic book to make it a movie, please join forces with the franchise. Stop warring with each other and destroy something that us comic book follower's cherish and love.

Eg: Fox Disney Hollywood etc...! Marvel, DC Darkhorse etc.....! Everybody just work with each other and ask the average joe for his or her ideas just to get it right. So far Marvel for me, they are hitting it out of the ball park at the moment. And I hope they continue.


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