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The shadow hunters are making a comeback. ABC's upcoming Shadow-Hunters tv series could be the unexpected victory that they have been searching for.The series would be based on the cult teen fantasy novel that follows Clary fray, a regular teen living in New York city. She learns that she is descended from a line of half-angel warriors known as Shadow-hunters who are responsible for safe-guarding humanity from the forces of evil. After her mother is kidnapped she joins forces with a group of Shadow-Hunters in an attempt to rescue her,However Clary's rescue mission only brings her closer to accepting her destiny.There was also a movie that came out in 2013 but it came up short at the box office, Hence why we now have a TV show on the horizon.

Now that the exposition has been explained it is now time to introduce the new Clary fray who will be played by Katherine McNamara who will also star in the Scorch Trials movie, the sequel to Maze runner.

Dominic sherwood has been cast as Jace in the series and will be one of the main headline characters in the series.

Practically all of the characters in the show have been cast but you are free to look up there names or you can use this link ( you might have to copy and paste).


Shadow-hunters arrives on ABC in 2016


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