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In case you haven't heard yet, the spinoff for [The Walking Dead](series:201193) is called [Fear the Walking Dead](series:1117438), and it looks like it's going to be highly engaging. It's set in Los Angeles, and covers the inception of the outbreak. It's not clear yet what the show will do but there's one thing that I'm sure it will address.

The question everybody wants the answer to - and that we probably won't get in full detail right away - is what was the reason for this? Who was walker-zero? Was hell full and overloaded with people? Was it a rage virus? Who's to blame for this? Is the government involved?

The reason I'm fairly confident that this show will be a hit is because it deals with the "why" more-so than the current The Walking Dead, which is more of a "well, we're here, let's just freakin' survive". It's also a different setting and we'll have a better idea of the characters' past lives.

Rather than dealing with survivalists who know what they're doing, this show is (probably) going to throw some Angelenos into the fire without as much experience - although, I'm sure they'll gain some in later episodes and (hopefully) in the renewed seasons.

Here is the only teaser trailer we currently have for Fear.

So, without further discourse, let's go into five possible reasons that the zombie apocalypse kicked off!

1. Breaking Bad Blue Meth?

You may remember Merle's stash including some blue meth - this was likely just a nod to AMC's other smash hit, [Breaking Bad](series:200567). However, if you extrapolate a little bit... and bare with me here... maybe, just MAYBE that blue meth made its way across the United States (as it did in Breaking Bad), and after being cut multiple different ways with different drugs it provoked some kind of zombie virus. Remember how Daryl spoke about his drug dealer, and he sounded a bit like a flunky... kind of like Jesse.

Here it is on the show:

Perhaps, Jesse and Walt started something that they never could have imagined. The blue meth, also known as Blue Sky, might have made its way to Los Angeles and Atlanta and spread the virus to just a few people. After they turned, the virus spread much faster due to bites and such.

2. Hell is full

Maybe the sins of all of our worst fellow humans have really tallied up. Perhaps, Hell - or some place like it, maybe a purgatory of sorts - has become full, with no more capacity for our dead to rot.

Maybe the undead now have to wander the Earth due to this situation, and of course, since their evil passion is the strongest part of them, the only way they can have any purpose is to spread this disease to everybody that they can.

And it spreads fast.

3. Rage virus, like in 28 Days Later

Of course this is a fictional virus, but maybe some form of it exists in the universe of The Walking Dead. Since in the trailer, they seemed to be saying something about how people were getting sick - with flu type symptoms - it could be the most viable option.

Here's what I think is likely for the show. Since these people were getting sick, going to hospitals, but not necessarily becoming enraged and zombie-like right away, maybe the original virus wasn't as strong as what we're used to from what we saw in The Walking Dead.

I think the virus probably strengthened or it reached people with less reliable immune systems. Once they were sick, it really took over their bodies and turned them into what we now know to be a walker. Then, the biting helped it spread faster. Of course this is just a theory, but it would make sense that the biting spread the virus much faster than any airborne manner for transmission. Think HIV, except instead of spreading a STD, they turned people.

4. Haitian Curse?

This is a little bit of a brutal video to watch, as it suggests that there are people out there who believe the country of Haiti made a deal with the Devil and then became cursed by God.

I don't know how much I believe that, but I do think there's a chance that the outbreak in Fear may have come from some type of subconscious deal we made with the Devil as people. It's kind of the classic idea that if we stop obeying God, He or She will no longer protect us.

I'm not sure how likely it is that the show will go down the path of religious ideologies, but you never know.

5. Scientology to blame?

I mean, this season is set in Los Angeles. I'm almost positive they will implement some Hollywood element into the show. I don't know if you've watched the HBO documentary Going Clear, but Scientology is a super weird cult-like thing that a lot of actors and professionals in LA and throughout the country have adopted.

Again, I doubt religion will play a huge part in the series, but what if some of the weirder and stranger Scientology practices lead to the outbreak?

I mean, I don't have anything against anyone who worships any religion, but I just think any religion that was developed as recently as Scientology could very easily be to blame for a zombie apocalypse.

What do you think?


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