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Damon and Stefan's not-so-humble abode is facing an imminent demolition threat and Vampire Diaries fans are flocking to save the historic property from the trample of bulldozers.

Glenridge Hall in Sandy Springs, Georgia is scheduled to be torn down later this year after the land containing the property is sold to Mercedes-Benz, who will build their U.S. headquarters on the site. A demolition permit from the city of Sandy Springs has already been granted.

Glenridge Hall was recently added to the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservations’ Places of Peril list, but this alone does not seem to be enough to save the historic 1929 property.

Glenridge Hall
Glenridge Hall

Along with being the Salvatore brothers' home in [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853), Glenridge Hall has also been used in other movies such as Driving Miss Daisy.

Loyal Vampire Diaries fans and local historic organizations are not willing to let the beautiful property go without a fight though, and you can join 'Save the Salvatore House' on Facebook to see what you can do for the cause.

You can also add your name to the 13,000 names on the petition to save Glenridge Hall HERE.


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