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Netflix and other streaming service take over the market for cable services like Cablevision

With the needs of individuals evolving at a steady pace, the demands for online streaming services has substantially increased. People who were initially satisfied with the facilities of cable television are now more inclined towards online streaming services since they are not tangible, can be accessed anywhere at any time, they offer individuals with variety of options to choose from and also have produce such content that becomes a visual treat and source of anticipation for subscribers.
The company which has experienced a relatively tough time with the popularity of streaming services is Cablevision Systems Corporation. The company is an extremely popular name when it comes to telecommunication and media services. The company’s portfolio is extremely diverse where they offer a broad range of services that include programming services, digital services, faster speed for internet and local media services.
The company primarily focused on the New York City as its target market but now wishes to expand its services in the region of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut etc. when considering the popularity of the company across United States it is considered as the eighth largest company offering services in the media and Information Technology sector. The company currently employees 15,500 individuals approximately who are devoted to providing quality services to its clients.
But the issue which Cablevision is dealing with is the rapid popularity of streaming services among which Netflix has succeeded in taking a big share of the market. Previously the television industry in United States relied on cable but now the game has changed completely where users are not even inclined to cable. According to Netflix: “Netflix in the beginning was a new technology company but based on the oldest technology possible: the US post office. There’s now a whole variety of ways to watch programs on TV but also on the computer, on your tablet, on your cell phone. NFLX allows people to watch programs when they want, where they want.”
Netflix in a fairly short span of time has gained immense traction and not only in United States but is expanding its footprints globally. The reason behind their rapid growth is the popularity of their services not only among youngsters who love Orange is the New Black and the House of Cards but also among the middle aged individuals. This trend has made stream movies penetrate deeply among all age brackets.
Thus the masses now prefer to opt for Netflix online streaming service over cable television due to the wide array of services they offer.


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