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Although as a former Film Studies student I have watched many films, some totally obscure, some considered the best ever made, I have never watched Jurassic Park which came out in 1993, directed by Steven Spielberg. Unsurprisingly, this has been a disappointing fact to many of my friends.

So this last week I sat down with a friend and watched it for the first time. I have seen clips of it, and endless gifs all over the Internet, so I was familiar with bits of it. But seeing it in full for the first time was great fun.

I am not that interested in dinosaurs but I did enjoy the film and it’s supposedly inaccurate science. The T-Rex was quite terrifying, proving that after 22 years, the CGI holds up, not surprising from Industrial Light & Magic. I could easily see how this film has appealed to so many people, due to the dinosaurs, the action, and the comedy. I was surprised at what a decent cast it had too, Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Samuel L. Jackson and of course the late great Richard Attenborough.

However, I think that watching this film as an adult, I could find plot holes, and would roll my eyes at the decisions they made. I won’t write any of that down, as to not ruin it for anyone else. What I wasn’t aware of, not being that knowledgeable about dinosaurs, was that Velociraptors were not as how they appeared in the film, and that has caused a stir for the new Jurassic World released later this year, directed by Colin Trevorrow, as it is canon with Jurassic Park and it’s sequels, rather than sticking to actual science and facts about dinosaurs.

Overall I did enjoy this film and it will be something to watch again. Now I know something about this world, I am excited for Jurassic World.


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