ByAlex Lee Ratner, writer at

“Home” is a prime example of a typical DreamWorks film. It has everything from the adorable non-human protagonist to the colorful artwork. It’s also completely aimed at small children. Sometimes, this is not a problem and ends up working to the film’s advantage. However, often, it does not make it an easy trip for the adults.

In a standalone voiceover role, Jim Parsons (the powerhouse star of TV’s “The Big Bang Theory”) plays a clumsy alien by the name of Oh (the story behind his name is among the film’s best jokes). When Oh and his colleagues seek out the planet Earth to call their new home, things go awry as Oh attempts to adapt to the change. Soon, he finds himself helping out a young teen named Tip (voiced by Rihanna). Inadvertently, it becomes Oh’s responsibility and moral obligation to help Tip locate her mother who has gone missing.

A fundamental story from the crew at DreamWorks manages to boast a couple of truly hilarious jokes and a funny voice performance from Steve Martin (in surprising form). But what can be said of a film who’s entire premise is aimless? Essentially, if anything, this film is a showcase for Parsons to add a voiceover credit to his resume, which he does not fail to deliver. His performance is likeable, even if he comes across a bit too goofy at times.

But to say it’s better than previous DreamWorks efforts like the first “Shrek,” “Hoodwinked” or “Shark Tale” is far too much of a stretch. “Home” will satisfy its target audience and superfans of Parsons, but long-term fans of DreamWorks and adults will be left yearning for something a little more.



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